Getting Started: Using DAC for your Unit

Each unit needs to go through an onboarding process to begin using the Digital Asset Collaborative (DAC) at U-M Service.

A set of early adopter units will begin using the service in Sept 2022 to validate the setup and migration process. Once these early adopters are stabilized, the next phase of adoption will begin with a new set of units.

Each unit will need to complete a set of onboarding steps before the service can be made available. Requests to onboard will be handled as they are received and scheduled based on the service team bandwidth and unit timeline considerations.

DAC Service Onboarding Steps:

  • Review the DAC Asset Management Approach materials.
  • Submit a ticket to record your unit’s interest in onboarding to use the service. Provide information about how soon you are interested in onboarding to the service.
  • Identify individuals in your unit who will use the service and what access they will need — see information about system roles and permissions.
    NOTE: Each school, college, unit will have a single space (asset group) for all assets and may need to coordinate with other departments in their unit.
  • Meet with the ITS DAC Service team to review the service and determine any unit-specific setup required.
  • Prepare/organize your assets for initial loading — see instructions.
  • Review training materials and resources.
  • Receive access and begin uploading and using assets.