Box Retirement Unit Ambassadors

As of November 14, 2021, U-M no longer offers Box as a storage solution, and all migrations have ceased. Over the course of 2021, ITS helped guide the university community through this change by providing a self-service migration tool to move data out of U-M Box and into U-M Dropbox. This site will remain up for archival purposes and to act as a reference to the efforts taken during the Box Retirement Process. If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact the ITS Service Center.

ITS is engaging with Unit Ambassadors to assist units with the transition from Box into appropriate storage solutions. We will rely on Unit Ambassadors to work alongside our project team to ensure that the university's needs are met. Unit Ambassadors will be the point of contact between ITS, Unit IT, and end users.

The Box Retirement Project team will provide all necessary information via meetings with ambassadors, the Box Retirement Project website, unit-specific communications, and other support materials. 

Refer to the Box Retirement Unit Ambassador MCommunity Group for membership information.

Unit Ambassador Responsibilities

  • Champion this effort by cascading key messages and information about the transition out of U-M Box and the migration to other storage solutions. 
  • Partner with ITS to keep your users up to date on communications, storage options, support materials, dates, and timelines. 
  • Serve as a two-way point of contact. Share questions, issues, and feedback between your unit and the Box Project team. 
  • Assist your units/users with identifying any automation, integrations, and processes they have built around U-M Box and document them for future reference. 
  • Familiarize yourself with the resources and information available on this website.
  • Attend meetings with the Box Project team or, when not possible, read through the meeting notes and contact the Box Project team with questions, feedback, or concerns.

Ambassador Meetings

As part of the Box Retirement Project team's kick-off of this large initiative, we established weekly, biweekly, and monthly meetings with Unit Ambassadors to communicate with you on the project's progress, discuss next steps, review new communications and resource materials, and identify new university needs. We also want to provide you with ample opportunity to ask questions, provide feedback, and let us know what you need from us via these meetings and office hours.

Unit Ambassador Resources

Meeting presentations and recordings

Note: Every meeting is not recorded.

Presentation slides