Self-Service Migration

Welcome to Your Migration From U-M Box to U-M Dropbox!

After watching "Moving from Box to Dropbox: A Few Things to Know" (2:03), refer to Most Common Issues With the Box-to-Dropbox Migration for details specific to the information presented in the video.  

What You Should Know

The ITS Self-Service Migration tool will enable you to schedule your individual and Shared Account migrations to automatically move all of your folders, files, and internal sharing permissions from U-M Box to U-M Dropbox or to delete your U-M Box account.

These three short videos will help you understand the migration process and prepare for the move:

Note: You must have a U-M Dropbox account to schedule your migration. Refer to Getting Started with U-M Dropbox to create your account.

​To schedule your U-M Box migration:​

Who can migrate right now?

  • Law School. The last day to schedule your migration is September 30
  • Students and Full-Time Temp Staff. The last day to schedule your migration is September 30.  

Whose migration windows have closed?

  • Most Schools, Colleges and Units (not called out above or below). The last day to schedule your migration was September 12.
  • College of LSA. The last day to schedule your migration was August 26.
  • College of Engineering. The last day to schedule your migration was August 14.
  • Ross School of Business. The last day to schedule your migration was August 14.
  • Michigan Medicine. The last day to schedule your migration was July 30.
  • HITS. The last day to schedule your migration was July 22.
  • Shared Account key owners. The last day to schedule your migration was July 14.

If you use U-M Box, look for email communications from ITS and your Unit Ambassadors for more information.

    Before You Migrate

    • Your migration process may take up to 72 hours to complete or longer depending on the amount of data and number of files within your account.
      • The process will begin around 6 p.m. on the day you scheduled your migration.
      • If the data in your U-M Box account exceeds 1 TB, the migration process will take about 72 hours per TB of data to complete.
      • Your computer does not need to be on during the migration process.
    • You no longer will have access to your U-M Box account after the process begins.
      • Once the migration process begins, and after it completes, you will not be able to access your U-M Box account.
      • Any edits made to your Box files/folders you have synced to your desktop through Box Drive, Box Sync, Box Edit, and Box Tools will not sync once the migration process has started.
      • You will be automatically logged out of your Box desktop apps once migration begins.
    • U-M Dropbox account holders with whom you collaborate may be notified when you migrate.
      U-M collaborators who already have U-M Dropbox accounts when you migrate may receive an email notification for each file and folder that is reshared with them in Dropbox. No action on your part is required.
    • Only files that you own in U-M Box will migrate.

    After You Migrate

    • You will receive an email confirming that your migration has been completed. It will include a link to a report with the following information:
      • Files Shared With Me
      • File and Folder Permission Changes
      • Sharing Errors
    • If you need to continue collaborating with others in Box who have not migrated yet, request a zero-data Box account by contacting the ITS Service Center or HITS Service Desk.

    Zero-data Box accounts are not to be used for continued collaboration with external users. You must work with external users to reestablish those shares outside of U-M Box.

    • Log out of and uninstall all Box apps on your computer, especially Box Sync.

    These apps include Box Drive, Box Sync, Box Edit, and Box Tools.

    Important: If you have Box Sync installed on your computer, the application may leave a local (non-cloud) copy of your previous Box files and folders on your computer after the migration. Because that data is now in U-M Dropbox, please do not continue to use the files/folders if you intend to access them on Dropbox as they are in no way connected. To avoid potential confusion, log out of and uninstall Box Sync as soon as possible. (You may also want to delete the Box Sync folder from your computer or rename it so it is labeled as an outdated, unused backup.)

    What Won’t Migrate

    • These items will not migrate:
      • Comments and tasks on files and folders will not migrate to U-M Dropbox.
      • Box Bookmarks created as quick links to content in Box or an external site will not migrate.
      • Previous versions of Box files. (Only the most recent version will migrate.)
      • Watermarked files.
      • Files with Box locks. (Remove any locks on files before migration.)
    • The following permissions are not maintained in the migration:
      • External collaborations on files/folders.
      • Internal collaborations on files/folders with U-M users who do not have a U-M Dropbox account at the time of your migration.
      • Collaborations with Shared Accounts on files/folders owned by you.
      • Permissions granted at the subfolder level within a parent folder owned by an individual account (i.e., not in a Shared Account).

    What Will Be Different

    • Box Notes will migrate to U-M Dropbox as Microsoft Word documents (.docx).
    • Dropbox does not allow “Can edit” access at the file level.
      All U-M Box files that currently have collaborators assigned "Editor" access will be migrated to U-M Dropbox with "Can view" access.
    • You will need to take one of the following steps to maintain access to Box files/folders shared with you from those external to U-M:
      • They will need to provide a shared link, which you can access without a Box account.
      • You will need to create a personal Box account with a non-UMICH email address and ask them to reshare with that account.
        • Note: The gray folders in your U-M Box account are shared by external collaborators.
      • They will need to create a personal Dropbox account and share the content with you via Dropbox.
    • There is a 5 TB limit in U-M Dropbox.
      If the data in your U-M Box account exceeds the U-M Dropbox 5 TB limit, your data will still migrate, but you will not be able to add new data until you remove enough files/folders to be under the 5 TB limit.

    After reading the information on this page thoroughly, use the ITS Box-to-Dropbox Self-Service Migration Tool to schedule your migration.

    Additional Information

    If you are a student, please refer to the Student Guide to Moving Out of Box page for more information regarding your migrations.