Self-Service Migration

Welcome to Your Migration From U-M Box to U-M Dropbox!

After watching "Moving from Box to Dropbox: A Few Things to Know" (2:03), refer to Most Common Issues With the Box-to-Dropbox Migration for details specific to the information presented in the video.  

What You Should Know

The ITS Self-Service Migration tool will enable you to schedule your individual and Shared Account migrations to automatically move all of your folders, files, and internal sharing permissions from U-M Box to U-M Dropbox or to delete your U-M Box account.

These three short videos will help you understand the migration process and prepare for the move:

Note: You must have a U-M Dropbox account to schedule your migration. Refer to Getting Started with U-M Dropbox to create your account.

​To schedule your U-M Box migration:​

Who can migrate right now?

  • Shared Account key owners - The deadline is July 15.
  • Michigan Medicine (including HITS) - The deadline is July 31.

More will be announced soon. Look out for targeted communications from ITS and your Unit Ambassadors for more information.

    Before You Migrate

    • Your migration process may take up to 72 hours to complete.
      • The process will begin around 6 p.m. on the day you scheduled your migration.
      • If the data in your U-M Box account exceeds 1 TB, the migration process may take longer than 72 hours to complete.
      • Your computer does not need to be on during the migration process.
    • You no longer will have access to your U-M Box account after the process begins.
      • Once the migration process begins, and after it completes, you will not be able to access your U-M Box account.
      • Any edits made to your Box files/folders you have synced to your desktop through Box Drive, Box Sync, Box Edit, and Box Tools will not sync once the migration process has started.
      • You will be automatically logged out of your Box desktop apps once migration begins.
    • U-M Dropbox account holders with whom you collaborate may be notified when you migrate.
      U-M collaborators who already have U-M Dropbox accounts when you migrate may receive an email notification for each file and folder that is reshared with them in Dropbox. No action on your part is required.
    • Only files that you own in U-M Box will migrate.

    After You Migrate

    • You will receive an email confirming that your migration has been completed. It will include a link to a report with the following information:
      • Files Shared With Me
      • File and Folder Permission Changes
      • Sharing Errors
    • If you need to continue collaborating with others in Box who have not migrated yet, request a zero-data Box account by contacting the ITS Service Center or HITS Service Desk

    What Won’t Migrate

    • These items will not migrate:
      • Comments and tasks on files and folders will not migrate to U-M Dropbox.
      • Box Bookmarks created as quick links to content in Box or an external site will not migrate.
      • Previous versions of Box files. (Only the most recent version will migrate.)
      • Watermarked files.
      • Files with Box locks. (Remove any locks on files before migration.)
    • The following permissions are not maintained in the migration:
      • External collaborations on files/folders.
      • Internal collaborations on files/folders with U-M users who do not have a U-M Dropbox account at the time of your migration.
      • Collaborations with Shared Accounts on files/folders owned by you.
      • Permissions granted at the subfolder level within a parent folder owned by an individual account (i.e., not in a Shared Account).

    What Will Be Different

    • Box Notes will migrate to U-M Dropbox as Microsoft Word documents (.docx).
    • Dropbox does not allow “Can edit” access at the file level.
      All U-M Box files that currently have collaborators assigned "Editor" access will be migrated to U-M Dropbox with "Can view" access.
    • You will need to take one of the following steps to maintain access to Box files/folders shared with you from those external to U-M:
      • They will need to provide a shared link, which you can access without a Box account.
      • You will need to create a personal Box account with a non-UMICH email address and ask them to reshare with that account.
        • Note: The gray folders in your U-M Box account are shared by external collaborators.
      • They will need to create a personal Dropbox account and share the content with you via Dropbox.
    • There is a 5 TB limit in U-M Dropbox.
      If the data in your U-M Box account exceeds the U-M Dropbox 5 TB limit, your data will still migrate, but you will not be able to add new data until you remove enough files/folders to be under the 5 TB limit.

    After reading the information on this page thoroughly, use the ITS Box-to-Dropbox Self-Service Migration Tool to schedule your migration.

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