About the Knox Center

The Knox Center is a quiet, accessible computer lab on the second floor of the Shapiro Undergraduate Library. Access is restricted to students approved for accommodations through the Office of Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD).

Knox Center staff work remotely. If immediate assistance is needed, please contact 734-764-4357 for technical/printer issues, or 734-764-7058 to report disruptive behavior. For non-urgent inquiries, please contact [email protected]

Students who are affiliated with SSD and would like an assistive technology consultation should contact their SSD coordinator. Current or prospective students not affiliated with SSD may request a free consultation appointment by emailing [email protected].

Faculty and staff who have accommodation needs should first contact [email protected]. If MHealthy is unable to assist you, please email [email protected].

Knox Center resources

The Knox Center has multiple Windows and Macintosh computers, all of which have 21" or larger high-resolution monitors. All workstations also have adjustable-height work surfaces to accommodate wheelchairs or people who wish to stand. One long, fixed reclined chair is available, and the other chairs are fully adjustable. One workstation has a video magnifier. Assistive technology is available on all computers. 

The Knox CenterRoom 2064A is a private room with one Mac and two Windows computers. Priority for use of this room will be given as follows:

  1. Knox Center staff who are providing in-person evaluations or have another need for the space
  2. Individuals using Dragon speech recognition on the Windows machine nearest the door or Voice Control speech recognition on the Mac
  3. Others on a first-come-first-served basis

The Knox Center is designated as quiet space. We appreciate everyone's help in maintaining this.

Information and Technology Services (ITS) supports the Knox Center as part of Campus Computing Sites.


Thirty personal lockers are provided at the Knox Center. The following are rules for their use:

  • Please send an email to [email protected] to request a locker assignment.
  • Please provide your own standard lock. 
  • Any library books kept in or near lockers must be checked out or they will be returned to the library.
  • In April, a message will be put on the lockers and an email will be sent out informing students of a date by which the lockers must either be emptied or claimed for the following year. If you do not empty or claim your locker:
    • Any locks remaining after that date will be removed.
    • Any food will be discarded.
    • Any library books will be returned.
    • If you have requested a locker assignment, any other materials found will be held until early in the following semester. Otherwise, they will be immediately discarded or recycled.
  • Please keep your locker clean.