Zoom for Health at U-M

Zoom is available to the Michigan Medicine faculty, staff, students and sponsored affiliates, along with University Health Service (UHS), College of Pharmacy, School of Dentistry,  and School of Nursing. Zoom may be used with some types of sensitive data, including Protected Health Information (PHI/HIPAA) if used in the manner which is detailed in the Sensitive Data Guide to IT Services. You are responsible for taking the precautions listed in the guide and using Zoom appropriately with sensitive university data.

Note: If you are in Zoom for Health at U-M, it is not possible to make someone at Zoom at U-M an alternate host when creating the meeting. A workaround is to have them join the meeting and then elevate them to host or co-host. 

Data Security & Protection

Data confidentiality is protected through a combination of end-to-end encryption at the start of every Zoom session, strong access control, and other protection measures.

Feature Availability for Use with PHI/HIPAA

Some of the standard features available to U-M Zoom users have been modified, limited, or disabled for users of PHI/HIPAA data.

Meeting Control & Privacy

Screen Sharing

  • During a meeting, you will be able to screen share information (whether PHI or not).
  • Screen sharing transmits encrypted screen capture data, including mouse and keyboard strokes.

Capturing & Recording

  • Cloud recording is disabled. When recording a meeting, you are only allowed to record to your local device. 
  • The ability to take screen captures of a meeting is disabled.


  • During a meeting, you will be able to see each attendee’s name or IP address. When the meeting has ended, you will no longer have the ability to see an attendee’s name or IP address.
  • After a meeting has ended, you will only be able to see:
    • The time the meeting took place.
    • The name/title of the meeting.
    • The time each attendee joined the meeting. You will not be able to see each attendee’s name.

Chat Messaging

  • All chat messages are encrypted.
  • Chat messages will not be saved after a meeting. 

Note: To learn more about additional ways to secure your Zoom meeting, see How to Secure Meetings in Zoom.