Zoom for Health at U-M

Zoom is available to the Michigan Medicine faculty, staff, students and sponsored affiliates, along with University Health Service (UHS), College of Pharmacy, School of Dentistry,  and School of Nursing. Zoom may be used with some types of sensitive data, including Protected Health Information (PHI/HIPAA) if used in the manner which is detailed in the Sensitive Data Guide to IT Services. You are responsible for taking the precautions listed in the guide and using Zoom appropriately with sensitive university data.

Note: From April, 2020 until January 2, 2021, Zoom for Health at U-M was a separate Zoom account approved for PHI (HIPAA data). Starting January 3, 2021, Zoom for Health no longer exists as a separate account and all Zoom users at U-M are members of the same Zoom account which is approved for PHI. For more information, refer to New Features & Announcements.