U-M High Definition Videoconference Bridge

A videoconference bridge (also known as a Virtual Meeting Room) can provide connectivity between interoperable videoconference systems, multi-point connections, and connections to research and education network systems around the globe without long-distance telephone charges.

ITS provides two videoconference bridge options:

BlueJeans Network

BlueJeans is a cloud-based conferencing service that supports high-definition audio/video/content sharing. It is the preferred, most secure option for use across the U-M community.

U-M Videoconference Bridge

The U-M HD videoconference bridge is an alternative to BlueJeans if:

  • The remote location cannot use BlueJeans
  • The communication must stay within the U-M campus network
  • If the SIP-registered videoconferencing system needs to communicate with an H.323 system that can’t use BlueJeans

The HD Video Bridge provides up to 10 endpoints that can bridge interoperable videoconference room systems and audio dial-in connections. The Video Bridge is ENUM enabled, allowing registered videoconferencing systems on the global Research & Education network to dial via phone number vs. IP address and avoid long-distance telephone charges.

Scheduling the U-M HD Video Bridge

To schedule the U-M HD Video Bridge email HDVideoconferencing@umich.edu. We will register your uniqname for the bridge and send information on how to schedule time on the bridge in the future.