Videoconferencing Room Systems FAQ

Videoconferencing Codecs & Systems

What does the total camera zoom mean?

The total zoom is the combination of the optical (true zoom lens) and digital zoom (Cisco TelePresence software). Digital zoom enlarges the image at the center of the frame and trims the outside edge. Optical zoom for the systems can be found on our Recommended Systems page.

Should I purchase additional tabletop microphones?

Having two microphones is recommended. One microphone generally comes with ITS Videoconferencing Room Systems.

My videoconferencing system is configured to support SIP only. Can it communicate with H.323 devices?

We recommend using BlueJeans, which is able to connect disparate protocols. If an on-campus H.323 connection is needed, the U-M HD Videoconferencing Bridge is available. Email to schedule this service.

How do I connect a videoconference system to BlueJeans?

All telepresence systems that are registered in the U-M videoconferencing infrastructure are able to connect on a telephone number (734-763-1841).

Is there a way I can test my system to make certain both the audio and video are working?

Yes, see our Test a Videoconferencing Room System instructions.


What kind of monitor is recommended?

A consumer HDTV with HDMI inputs.

What size monitor should I purchase?

The size of the monitor you will need depends on personal preference, room size and budget constraints.

Room Size Room Dimensions Monitor Size
Small 10'x14' or less 42–46 inch
Medium 12'x22' 55–60 inch
Large Greater than 12'x22' 75–80 inch or larger

If you purchase two monitors for separate video and presentation content, the monitors may but do not need to be the same size. The presentation content monitor can be larger for extra clarity, especially if the normal content being shared is highly-detailed, such as large spreadsheets, microscope slides, maps, or architectural and engineering drawings.

Do I need both a video and presentation content monitors?

No, it is not required, but it helps others feel like you are all in the same location at the same time.

Can I use a room projector and screen as a presentation monitor?

Yes, if the videoconference system has the ability to connect two monitors and the project must have an HDMI input. Instead of connecting a second HDTV monitor, you can connect to a projector.

Which videoconference systems support two monitors?

See our Recommended Systems page for which systems support two monitors.

What features should the HDTV have?

The HDTV should support:

  • Screen Resolution: 1920x1080p
  • HDMI Inputs*: Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) Support (List of trade names for CEC)
  • HDTV Technology: LED-HDTV
  • Screen Size: Based on room size
  • HDMI Input Port Required: One dedicated for the codec
Note: U-M has tested and qualified Samsung and Sharp models.