Connect Your Unit’s Systems to the ITS Enhanced Videoconferencing Network

If you have existing Cisco, Lifesize, Polycom, Tandberg, or other systems, you can benefit by attaching these devices to the U-M videoconferencing network infrastructure.

This high-performance VoIP network provides:

  • High-quality video calls.
  • Security against spam calls and cyberattacks.
  • Full interoperability with the worldwide E.164 standard phone system
  • Five-digit dialing for on-campus numbers, conference bridges, and BlueJeans.
  • Convenient dialing to worldwide, ENUM-enabled videoconferencing systems at no cost using phone numbers rather than IP addresses.
  • ITS support for the videoconferencing network connection.
  • Daily alerts if the device is not reachable.
  • A call detail record (e.g., number of calls, duration, and location).

ITS offers this service in partnership with Internet2 and international research and education groups to make video and voice connections easier, open, and trusted between institutions.


If your videoconferencing device currently receives an analog phone line from ITS, this number will be ported to the videoconferencing network and you will no longer need to maintain that analog phone line. The monthly, recurring line charge for the service will not change.

The standard VoIP monthly line rate applies to each system connected to this network.

Local and long-distance call usage rates apply to calls made to standard, non-ENUM phone numbers (i.e., non-Research & Education network locations). You may elect to allow or block billable calls on a per-system basis.

Connection Options

Registration for this service can be done in one of two ways:

  • Cisco systems: The unit can transfer the current contract ownership to ITS and purchase future contracts through us. ITS manages the contract and bills appropriate support charges to the unit.
  • All systems: The unit can maintain the system support and connect the system to ITS network infrastructure as a third-party device.

Connect Your Unit's Videoconferencing System

To connect your unit's videoconferencing system to the ITS-enhanced videoconferencing network, please contact us via email or fill out this short interest form.