BlueJeans Retirement Project

U-M to Retire BlueJeans in 2021

The university will retire BlueJeans effective May 1, 2021. This date coincides with the end of winter term and the current BlueJeans contract period. 

Why is this happening?

In spring 2020, ITS deployed Zoom videoconferencing to campus, and later added large event support, captioning, and PHI-compliant Zoom for Health. Since then, adoption of Zoom has grown exponentially, while the use of BlueJeans has fallen significantly. Additionally, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams are available as part of the U-M academic collaboration suite at no additional cost and can be used as a secondary option. Based on that trend and out of consideration for financial austerity measures, ITS has decided to retire BlueJeans. 

What happens next?

ITS is committed to making this transition as smooth as possible and to minimizing any disruptions to campus. We have developed a comprehensive campus communications and engagement plan to help faculty, staff, and students reduce BlueJeans usage and prepare for its retirement: 

  • ITS will use a variety of communication channels over the next several months to encourage faculty, staff, and students to transition to Zoom before winter term. 
  • The project team will work closely with key stakeholders, power users, and IT leadership to identify areas of concern and provide direct support where needed.
  • We are also already working to replace BlueJeans with Zoom in existing application integrations (e.g., Remote Office Hours Queue, campus videoconferencing systems, etc.).

What should I do to prepare?

We ask all faculty, students and staff to begin using Zoom, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams for all new videoconference meetings, and to shift standing meetings from BlueJeans to one of the alternative platforms. We are counting on everyone to proactively help drive down BlueJeans usage before its May 1 retirement date.

How can I learn more?

The project team will continue to post updates to this site as our plans develop. Email us at with questions. You can also join the BlueJeans Retirement MCommunity group or subscribe to the Updates RSS to receive project updates.