BlueJeans Unit Charges & Billing

Note: University units pay for BlueJeans annually as part of their ITS rates. There are no additional unit or individual charges for BlueJeans, and faculty, staff, and students are able to use BlueJeans for both university and personal business.

ITS serves as the administrator for a campus-wide BlueJeans contract. BlueJeans units, except for University Hospitals, pay ITS annually based on their faculty, staff, and student headcount. University of Michigan Hospitals pay for their share of the campus contract based on utilization.


U-M units contribute a portion of the campus BlueJeans contract costs. Estimated charges to units, as of FY20, include:

Group Charge Allocation
Faculty & Staff
(Except U-M Hospitals)
$9.55 per faculty/staff headcount per year
Student $.48 per student per year
U-M Hospitals Charge based on usage


BlueJeans will be billed annually at the same time ITS bills units for their backbone and internet charges. ITS will use the Chartfields identified for the backbone and internet charges in the ITS Rates Letters unless units notify us otherwise. Information about how headcount is determined can be found in our Data Network Pricing Model.