New BlueJeans Features & Announcements

9/11/2020 Video: Expanded Gallery View

Starting 9/12/2020, U-M BlueJeans users will have an Expanded Gallery view in Meetings. With the Expanded Gallery View feature, you can now see up to 25 participants (including non-video participants) in a grid pattern. The active participant is highlighted with a green border in the grid. There is an option to turn off this feature under in-meeting settings.

7/7/2020 Screen Share Moderation (Lock Sharing) for BlueJeans Meetings is now available

A moderator or host now has the option to decide when participants can screen share or when a co-host or panelist can share their screen. All participants need to be on the Desktop App version 2.21 for the feature to work.

6/19/2020 Raise Hand feature for BlueJeans Meetings is now available

The raise hand feature for BlueJeans Meetings is now available on the BlueJeans desktop app version 2.21. 

  • MiWorkspace Windows machines were updated to version 2.21.292 of the BlueJeans desktop app today. If the version is incorrect, you may need to run the update manually.
  • MiWorkspace macOS machines require you to manually download the update with the new version of the BlueJeans desktop app from the Managed Software Center.  The correct version number is 2.21.0 and above.

5/1/2020 ITS has Signed the 2020-2021 BlueJeans Contract

ITS has secured a contract with BlueJeans from May 1, 2020 - April 30, 2021. Some contractual changes include:

  • Unlimited events over 200 seats have been extended through November 1, 2020 to allow for COVID-19 large event usage.
  • Closed captioning is not available in the current contract for additional individuals or the university at this time.
  • Global premium calling is available to aid faculty, staff, and students calling into meetings outside the United States. Toll free PSTN numbers are no longer available. Please note: Countries prohibited from connecting to Blue Jeans

5/1/2020 Facebook Streaming No Longer Available

Starting 5/1/2020 U-M Information Assurance security experts have asked the BlueJeans team to disable Facebook Streaming on BlueJeans Basic & Events. U-M does not have privacy agreements with Facebook and other large streaming partners that reflect our U-M privacy agreements with BlueJeans. Streaming on BlueJeans Basic meetings could violate student privacy policies. Streaming is available for large Zoom Webinars, as these events do not individually identify participants and would not violate privacy policies

4/15/2020 The U-M BlueJeans Site has been Updated

The ITS BlueJeans website has been updated to incorporate the overwhelming number of suggestions we have received in the past four weeks in the most user-friendly and readable manner.

3/19/2020 - BlueJeans Meetings (Basic) Increases to 200 Endpoints

Effective March 19, 2020 BlueJeans has increased the size of our BlueJeans Meetings (Basic) to 200 endpoints (e.g., individual devices, phone numbers, room systems). This may allow faculty or staff who are using BlueJeans Events for meetings between 150-200 participants to use the more familiar BlueJeans Meetings interface.

3/17/2020 - Phone Numbers

Alert: AT&T and U-M are experiencing overloads on national and campus call capacity. Due to this issue, we are asking that off-campus connections not use the university's BlueJeans number, but connect to BlueJeans as listed below.

Note: If you are working on campus, you should still connect to BlueJeans through 3-1841 to minimize the load on our outbound calling volume,

Preferred methods for connecting to BlueJeans when working remotely include:

  • BlueJeans application is the preferred method
  • Web Browser is the second best alternative

Regional BlueJeans numbers are the third alternative:

  • 312-216-0325
  • 408-614-7898
  • 408-317-9254
  • 408-317-9253

National Toll Free Number: 888-240-2560

BlueJeans premium numbers (International Numbers)

3/19/2020 - Breakout Rooms​

BlueJeans Breakout Sessions allows meeting Moderators to create separate rooms and move participants in and out of them as needed. This allows moderators of a BlueJeans meeting to create separate, temporary work sessions. For additional information: BlueJeans Breakout Sessions.

NOTE: BlueJeans 2.19 or above must be downloaded for Breakout rooms to work successfully.

3/19/2020 - U-M BlueJeans Accounts​

As a reminder use the instead of when creating a U-M BlueJeans account.