BlueJeans FAQ

My BlueJeans recording is not showing up in Canvas, how can I share it with my students?

Send a link to the recording located in your BlueJeans folder ( > recordings):

  1. Click on the recording.
  2. Set the Sharing to Enterprise Access
  3. Copy the link located under Copy URL/Link to share: or click .
  4. Paste the copied link to the location of your choice to share with your students. 
Note: Processing time is proportional to meeting length.
How do I get captioning in BlueJeans?

Information on accessibility and captioning is on the ITS BlueJeans Accessibility page.

Can I share sensitive data in BlueJeans?

BlueJeans may be used with some types of sensitive data, including Protected Health Information (PHI) if used in the manner which is detailed in the Sensitive Data Guide to IT Services. You are responsible for using BlueJeans appropriately with sensitive university data and taking the precautions listed in the guide.

What happens if I change my uniqname?

This change will also need to be made in the BlueJeans system. Contact the ITS Service Center for assistance.

Note: If you do not notify us before you login into BlueJeans with your new, a new account will be created under your new uniqname and we will not be able to migrate your existing settings from your previous account.
Does the moderator need to be present for the meeting?

Yes, unless you select to host a moderator-less meeting.Moderator-less meetings can be selected under Advanced Meeting Options or you can select moderator-less meetings as a default under your BlueJeans settings.

What is the difference between a personal meeting and a scheduled meeting?

A personal meeting is like your own virtual meeting room—your meeting ID and passcode never expire. You can conduct ad-hoc and instant meetings without the need to schedule the meeting. You will need to share your personal meeting ID and time of the meeting with those whom you wish to join the meeting.

Scheduled meetings are used when you're planning a one-time meeting in advance, or, scheduling recurring meetings. BlueJeans Network assigns a random nine-digit meeting ID for each scheduled meeting and a participant code, if requested. These are automatically generated and cannot be changed. Your moderator passcode remains the same. An email invitation is automatically sent to each meeting participant containing connection information.

Can I assign a delegate to schedule meetings on my behalf?

Yes. BlueJeans has delegate functionality. To identify an individual as your delegate, see the Delegate Scheduling instructions.

Can I schedule meetings for others using Google Calendar?

Yes, as long as you have rights to manage the calendar you can:

Note: Unless you are also attending the meeting, using your personal PIN is not recommended.
Can I edit a meeting?

Yes, you can edit an existing meeting.

  • If you add new participants to a meeting, they will receive an invitation but the person scheduling the meeting will not receive another message.
  • If you remove a participant from the meeting, that participant will not receive a message notifying them that their presence at the meeting is no longer required. The person scheduling the meeting may wish to send a private message to the participant(s) who have been removed from the meeting.
Can I use an MCommunity group vs. individual names to add multiple participants to a meeting?

Yes, as long as the group permits messages to be sent to the group by anyone. Learn more about MCommunity group settings.

I'm having trouble updating my web browser plug-in. What can I do?
  • Try joining the meeting from another browser to see if the update will complete. If no alternative browsers are available, try clearing your browser's cache or perform a browser reset.
  • There could be some temporary files that are causing some conflicts with the update process.
  • Double check to make sure your user account on the system has no network policies or antivirus settings that may prevent the auto-update process.
Can the conference be secure/encrypted?

Yes, under Advanced Options, select Encrypt Meeting. Make sure all participants endpoints are capable of supporting AES encryption. Please see technical specifications for encryption methods.

  • The call is not encrypted when internal users dial 734-76(3-1841) and join the conference. The call routes over R&E IP networks.
  • The call is not encrypted when external users dial 734-763-1841 and join the conference.
  • When dialing BlueJeans Network published numbers, the call is routed over Public Switched Telephone Network and appropriate toll charges apply to the originating party/parties.
What is the difference between BlueJeans, Google Meet, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and other campus videoconferencing tools?

Information about the various tools supported on campus can be found on our Videoconferencing page.

Is there a way I can test my system to make certain both the audio and video are working?

Yes, see our Test a Videoconferencing Room System instructions.

How long is my recording saved in BlueJeans?

180 days. If you wish to retain it longer, you can download the recording to Google Drive, Box or an appropriate university storage location.

Michigan Medicine's policy is that individuals are expected to download their recordings within 30 days

Can multiple individuals use the moderator code to sign into a meeting?

BlueJeans Meeting (Basic) is not designed for multiple moderators, however having two or three connections as moderator seems to work well.

Should I use the App?

Yes. We are encouraging everyone to use the BlueJeans App on computers, instead of browsers. The traditional telephone and room systems are also excellent ways to connect.

Does BlueJeans time out or does call duration matter?

BlueJeans meetings will run indefinitely as long as there are participants in the meeting and there is activity. Activity is based on sound. If there is no audio activity after 30 minutes, the meeting will be disconnected.

If the meeting is moderated, one of these connections will need to be a moderator. Meetings will disconnect after 5 min if the moderator leaves. You can create a moderator-less meeting.

I set up my BlueJeans account, but do not see the U-M Weblogin page. What can I do?

Log out of all U-M authenticated windows and tabs, clear browser cache, and log in again.

I scheduled a meeting for someone else. How can I allow them to control the meeting?

It is recommended to always schedule your own meetings. A workaround is to share the meeting’s moderator code. Meeting recordings will be on your BlueJeans home page. You can share the recording’s link or download it and share the MP4 file.

How do I assign users to a Breakout session in BlueJeans?

There are two ways to assign users to Breakout Sessions:

  1. Automatic Assignment: automatically assigns users to created breakout session
  2. Manual Assignment: the Moderator creates the Breakout Rooms and picks which participants go into which room
What is the maximum connections for BlueJeans Meetings?

For classes with 200 connections or fewer, ITS recommends using BlueJeans Meetings. For classes with 201 connections or more, ITS recommends Zoom Meeting or Webinar. See the Zoom Meetings vs. Webinars page for more information.

Does BlueJeans Meetings (Basic) allow me to schedule meetings concurrently?

Yes. Make sure you are scheduling each meeting with a unique meeting ID.

Can I save Breakout Rooms for future BlueJeans meetings?

No, they are specific to that meeting session and end when that meeting session ends. You should create a new Breakout Session for each meeting session.

What is the maximum number of participant videos that can be displayed simultaneously?

Twenty-five participants can be displayed at one time, with the option to pin those that you want to continuously appear on your screen. The default view is to cycle through them based on the most recent speaker.

What happens to my University BlueJeans account when I leave the University?