BlueJeans for Teaching

Working or conducting classes remotely? See Unit Specific/Local Videoconferencing Support.

There may be times when faculty wish to use BlueJeans to interact with their students remotely (e.g., instructor illness, large number of ill students, inclement weather, etc.). Faculty can use BlueJeans to host a lecture or have an interactive discussion.

Note: If an instructor uses the BlueJeans LTI in Canvas, they don’t have to download it first. If a student gets an email inviting them to a BlueJeans meeting, they don’t have to download the app. They can select the "Join meeting via browser” option.

Why use BlueJeans?

  • Screen sharing with students
  • Dolby Processing for excellent low-noise sound
  • Stability of operation

Initial Setup

Perform these tasks before scheduling your first meeting:

Getting Started

Additional steps you may wish to take to become comfortable with BlueJeans before teaching remotely include:

Connect to BlueJeans

BlueJeans is available via the following platforms:

Techniques for Teaching Remotely

Once you've determined that BlueJeans is the correct videoconferecing tool to use, you will need to decide how you will use BlueJeans to teach your content. Use BlueJeans to share slides during a lecture or have an interactive conversation with your students.

Pedagogical Strategies