Alert: AT&T and U-M are experiencing overloads on national and campus call capacity. Due to this issue, we are asking that off-campus connections not use the university's BlueJeans number, but connect to BlueJeans as listed below.

Note: If you are working on campus, you should still connect to BlueJeans through 3-1841 to minimize the load on our outbound calling volume,

Preferred methods for connecting to BlueJeans when working remotely include:

  • BlueJeans application is the preferred method
  • Web Browser is the second best alternative

Regional BlueJeans numbers are the third alternative:

  • 312-216-0325
  • 408-614-7898
  • 408-317-9254
  • 408-317-9253

National Toll Free Number: 888-240-2560

BlueJeans premium numbers (International Numbers)

Working or conducting classes remotely? See Unit Specific/Local Videoconferencing Support.

ITS contracts with BlueJeans Network to provide their cloud-based conferencing service to the university. BlueJeans offers audio, video, and content sharing.

University of Michigan BlueJeans accounts are available to all U-M faculty, staff, students, and sponsored affiliates (individual accounts) on the Ann Arbor, Dearborn, and Flint campuses—including Michigan Medicine. Non-university participants can attend BlueJeans meetings without a university account.

For the best experience, download the BlueJeans App.

If you are using a MiWorkspace-enabled machine, visit the MWS Software Center to install BlueJeans. Instructions for Windows users and Mac users.

On your personal device:

  1. Visit
  2. Click download
  3. Open the installer
  4. Follow the prompts

Michigan Medicine users will have the updated software installed automatically on their managed devices.

To automatically launch a meeting in Firefox, use this URL:, replacing "YOURMEETINGID" with your meeting ID.


Campus Uses of BlueJeans

BlueJeans helps campus communicate and collaborate with colleagues around the world. BlueJeans is used at the university to:

  • Host virtual guest speakers
  • Broadcast campus events
  • Teach classes with students in remote locations
  • Partner with international research collaborators
  • Host meetings across campus
  • Advise off-campus students
  • Record and store meetings (for up to 90 days)
  • Reduce travel time and costs

Sensitive Data

BlueJeans may be used with some types of sensitive data, including Protected Health Information (PHI) if used in the manner which is detailed in the Sensitive Data Guide to IT Services. You are responsible for using BlueJeans appropriately with sensitive university data and taking the precautions listed in the guide.