Live Event Streaming

Our live event streaming service lets you broadcast your campus event in real time to viewers on campus and across the globe to an unlimited number of viewers.

If you're new to live event streaming, you may want to read our quick primer on the basics. To learn more or schedule an event, contact us.

Working with Your Event Producer

When you initiate an live event with us, ITS's video team will work out the technical details with your video production team.

  • If your event video is being produced by Michigan Media, they will contact us at your request to set up the streaming service.
  • If you are using another producer or running your own video equipment, we will work with the producer and you on the details.

Ensuring Reliability

We provide two independent video streams so you can publish a primary stream and a backup. This guards against unexpected outages or problems with individual viewers' computers.

  • You can embed the main stream in a video window on your web site, or we can provide a web page for you.
  • The backup link can be alongside the main video window.