Cable Television Rates

Campus units pay a monthly charge for their cable drop and content, and an additional charge for multiple screens operating from a single drop. Units can request new drops using the Online Service Center or through their unit's Project Manager.

Item Billing Code Cost
Faculty/Staff/Unit Traditional Cable Drop TV-CAMPUSRCV $17.50/month
Additional Screen(s) TV-CAMPUSCON $8.25/screen/month
Cable Drop Installation, Activation, or Reactivation Time & Materials
(One-Time Cost)
Build Out UMTV Infrastructure within a New Building Time & Materials
(One-Time Cost)
Install & Activate UMTV from the UMTV Headend to a New Building TV-BLDGEXT $5,213.98
(One-Time Cost)
UMTV Consulting VS-AVSC $123.50/hour
Rate per Channel to Transmit TV-BROADCAST $463.50/month