U-M Cable Television Channel Lineup

A recent technology change may affect the performance of some older televisions receiving U-M cable TV service. Read more about this change and how to test your televisions now.

Filter Channels

Channel Network SD/HD Genre Encoding
2.1 WJBK (2-Fox) HD HD Local Broadcast MPEG-2
2.2 WJBK Movies! SD Local Broadcast MPEG-2
2.3 WJBK Buzzr SD Local Broadcast MPEG-2
2.4 WJBK Heroes & Icons SD Local Broadcast MPEG-2
2.5 WJBK Decades SD Local Broadcast MPEG-2
4.1 WDIV (4-NBC) HD HD Local Broadcast MPEG-2
4.2 WDIV This TV SD Local Broadcast MPEG-2
4.3 WDIV MeTV SD Local Broadcast MPEG-2
5.1 Bally Sports Detroit SD Sports MPEG-2
6.1 ESPN2 SD Sports MPEG-2
7.1 WXYZ (7-ABC) HD HD Local Broadcast MPEG-2
7.2 WXYZ Bounce SD Local Broadcast MPEG-2
7.3 WXYZ Laff SD Local Broadcast MPEG-2
8.1 Freeform SD MPEG-2
9.1 CBET (9-CBC) HD HD Local Broadcast MPEG-2
11.1 TBS SD MPEG-2
12.1 Bravo SD MPEG-2
13.1 FX SD MPEG-2
14.1 History SD MPEG-2
15.1 NewsNation SD News MPEG-2
16.1 EWTN SD Religious MPEG-2
17.1 CMT SD MPEG-2
18.1 Fox Sports 1 SD Sports MPEG-2
19.1 ESPN SD Sports MPEG-2
20.1 WMYD (20-IND) HD HD Local Broadcast MPEG-2
20.2 WMYD Antenna SD Local Broadcast MPEG-2
20.3 WMYD Mystery SD Local Broadcast MPEG-2
23.1 A&E SD MPEG-2
24.1 ESPNU SD Sports MPEG-2
25.1 USA SD MPEG-2
26.1 Fox News SD News MPEG-2
27.1 TNT SD MPEG-2
28.1 CatholicTV Network SD Religious MPEG-2
29.1 Bally Sports Plus Detroit SD Sports MPEG-2
31.1 WPXD (31-ION) HD HD Local Broadcast MPEG-2
31.2 WPXD CourtTV HD HD Local Broadcast MPEG-2
31.3 WPXD Grit SD Local Broadcast MPEG-2
32.1 Nat Geo Wild SD MPEG-2
33.1 MLB Network SD Sports MPEG-2
38.1 CBS Sports Network SD Sports MPEG-2
39.1 Universal Kids SD Kids/Family MPEG-2
40.1 Lifetime Movie Network SD MPEG-2
41.1 BET Her SD MPEG-2
42.1 NBA TV SD Sports MPEG-2
43.1 Big Ten Network SD Sports MPEG-2
44.1 NFL Network SD Sports MPEG-2
45.1 Fox Sports 2 SD Sports MPEG-2
46.1 National Geographic Channel SD MPEG-2
48.1 WE TV SD MPEG-2
49.1 Oxygen SD MPEG-2
50 CheddarU HD HD News MPEG-2
50.1 WKBD (50-CW) HD HD Local Broadcast MPEG-2
56.1 WTVS (56-PBS) HD HD Local Broadcast MPEG-2
56.2 WTVS PBS Kids HD HD Kids/Family MPEG-2
56.3 WTVS Create SD Local Broadcast MPEG-2
56.4 WTVS World SD Local Broadcast MPEG-2
61.1 Hallmark Channel SD MPEG-2
62.1 WWJ (62-CBS) HD HD Local Broadcast MPEG-2
62.2 WWJ StartTV SD Local Broadcast MPEG-2
62.3 WWJ DABL SD Local Broadcast MPEG-2
63.1 NHL Network SD Sports MPEG-2
64.1 Fox Business Network SD News MPEG-2
65.1 Galavision SD Spanish Language MPEG-2
68.1 Hallmark Movies & Mysteries SD MPEG-2
69.1 Outdoor Channel SD MPEG-2
70.1 WDWO TCT (22-IND) SD Spanish Language MPEG-2
73.1 Daystar SD Religious MPEG-2
74.1 Up TV SD MPEG-2
76.1 Africa Channel SD MPEG-2
77.1 Ovation SD MPEG-2
78.1 BBC World News SD News MPEG-2
79.1 BTN Overflow 1 SD Sports MPEG-2
80.1 BTN Overflow 2 SD Sports MPEG-2
82.1 WGTE PBS Create SD MPEG-2
85.1 Disney XD SD Kids/Family MPEG-2
86.1 C-SPAN3 SD News MPEG-2
87.1 ESPNews SD Sports MPEG-2
88.1 Discovery Family SD Kids/Family MPEG-2
89.1 Science SD MPEG-2
90.1 Destination America SD MPEG-2
91.1 Investigation Discovery SD MPEG-2
92.1 BBC America SD MPEG-2
93.1 American Heroes Channel SD MPEG-2
94.1 Reelz SD MPEG-2
95.1 FYI SD MPEG-2
96.1 Vice SD MPEG-2
97.1 Telemundo SD Spanish Language MPEG-2
98.1 IFC SD MPEG-2
99.1 Cooking Channel SD MPEG-2
100.1 Magnolia Network SD MPEG-2
101.1 Impact Network SD Religious MPEG-2
102.1 Word Network SD Religious MPEG-2
103.1 WLPC (28-IND) SD Local Broadcast MPEG-2
104.1 Bloomberg Television SD News MPEG-2
105.1 BET SD MPEG-2
106.1 Cartoon Network SD Kids/Family MPEG-2
107.1 Comedy Central SD MPEG-2
108.1 MTV SD MPEG-2
109.1 Disney Channel SD Kids/Family MPEG-2
110.1 Nickelodeon SD Kids/Family MPEG-2
111.1 Syfy SD MPEG-2
112.1 AMC SD MPEG-2
113.1 Discovery Channel SD MPEG-2
114.1 The Learning Channel SD MPEG-2
115.1 VH1 SD MPEG-2
125.1 TV One SD MPEG-2
126.1 PTLTV SD Religious MPEG-2
127.1 GAC Family SD Kids/Family MPEG-2
128.1 HLN SD News MPEG-2
129.1 C-SPAN SD News MPEG-2
130.1 C-SPAN2 SD News MPEG-2
131.1 Animal Planet SD MPEG-2
132.1 Travel Channel SD MPEG-2
133.1 OWN SD MPEG-2
134.1 CNN SD News MPEG-2
135.1 Golf Channel SD Sports MPEG-2
136.1 Home Shopping Network SD MPEG-2
137.1 QVC SD MPEG-2
138.1 Game Show Network SD MPEG-2
139.1 Food Network SD MPEG-2
140.1 TV Land SD MPEG-2
141.1 TruTV SD MPEG-2
142.1 Turner Classic Movies SD MPEG-2
144.1 MSNBC SD News MPEG-2
145.1 E! Entertainment Television SD MPEG-2
146.1 CNBC SD News MPEG-2
147.1 Paramount Network SD MPEG-2
148.1 Lifetime SD MPEG-2
149.1 Weather Channel SD News MPEG-2
150.1 MTV2 SD MPEG-2
151.1 BET Jams SD MPEG-2
152.1 MTV Tres SD Spanish Language MPEG-2
153.1 MTV Classic SD MPEG-2
154.1 BET Soul SD MPEG-2
156.1 Nick Jr. SD Kids/Family MPEG-2
157.1 Nicktoons SD Kids/Family MPEG-2
158.1 Nick 2 SD Kids/Family MPEG-2
159.1 Logo SD MPEG-2
160.1 Nick Music SD Kids/Family MPEG-2
162.1 Smithsonian Channel SD MPEG-2
167.1 Univision SD Spanish Language MPEG-2
168.1 INSP SD Religious MPEG-2
169.1 TBN SD Religious MPEG-2
170.1 A2 Community SD MPEG-2
171.1 A2 Educational SD MPEG-2
172.1 A2 Government SD MPEG-2
173.1 A2 Public Access SD MPEG-2
174.1 Leased Access SD MPEG-2
175.1 Pop SD MPEG-2
177.1 NBC Universo SD Spanish Language MPEG-2
178.1 HITN SD Spanish Language MPEG-2
179.1 TeenNick SD Kids/Family MPEG-2
180.1 Jewelry Television SD MPEG-2
184.1 Disney Jr. SD Kids/Family MPEG-2
185.1 BabyFirst Americas SD Kids/Family MPEG-2
188.1 UniMas (East) SD Spanish Language MPEG-2
189.1 UnivisiĆ³n Deportes SD Spanish Language MPEG-2
198.1 SEC Network HD HD Sports MPEG-4
199.1 SEC Network Overflow 1 HD HD Sports MPEG-4
200.1 NFL RedZone HD HD Sports MPEG-4
201.1 Bally Sports Plus Detroit HD HD Sports MPEG-4
202.1 ESPN HD HD Sports MPEG-4
203.1 ESPN2 HD HD Sports MPEG-4
204.1 ESPNU HD HD Sports MPEG-4
205.1 CBS Sports Network HD HD Sports MPEG-4
206.1 NBA TV HD HD Sports MPEG-4
207.1 NHL Network HD HD Sports MPEG-4
208.1 MLB Network HD HD Sports MPEG-4
210.1 Big Ten Network HD HD Sports MPEG-4
211.1 NFL Network HD HD Sports MPEG-4
212.1 BIG TEN HD Overflow HD HD Sports MPEG-4
213.1 TBS HD HD MPEG-4
214.1 TNT HD HD MPEG-4
215.1 Bravo HD HD MPEG-4
216.1 CNBC HD HD News MPEG-4
217.1 QVC HD HD MPEG-4
218.1 A&E HD HD MPEG-4
222.1 WE TV HD HD MPEG-4
224.1 Fox Business Network HD HD News MPEG-4
225.1 Disney XD HD HD Kids/Family MPEG-4
226.1 ESPNews HD HD Sports MPEG-4
228.1 Lifetime HD HD MPEG-4
229.1 Nickelodeon HD HD Kids/Family MPEG-4
230.1 Paramount Network HD HD MPEG-4
231.1 Food Network HD HD MPEG-4
232.1 Syfy HD HD MPEG-4
234.1 BET HD HD MPEG-4
235.1 CMT HD HD MPEG-4
236.1 Weather Channel HD HD News MPEG-4
237.1 HLN HD HD News MPEG-4
238.1 Turner Classic Movies HD HD MPEG-4
239.1 TruTV HD HD MPEG-4
240.1 Discovery Channel HD HD MPEG-4
241.1 National Geographic Channel HD HD MPEG-4
242.1 USA HD HD MPEG-4
243.1 Hallmark Channel HD HD MPEG-4
244.1 Home Shopping Network HD HD MPEG-4
245.1 MSNBC HD HD News MPEG-4
246.1 Fox News HD HD News MPEG-4
247.1 FX HD HD MPEG-4
248.1 Fox Sports 1 HD HD Sports MPEG-4
249.1 Animal Planet HD HD MPEG-4
250.1 History HD HD MPEG-4
251.1 Motor Trend HD HD Sports MPEG-4
252.1 AMC HD HD MPEG-4
253.1 CNN HD HD News MPEG-4
254.1 Golf Channel HD HD Sports MPEG-4
255.1 Freeform HD HD MPEG-4
256.1 Disney Channel HD HD Kids/Family MPEG-4
257.1 Science HD HD MPEG-4
258.1 BBC America HD HD MPEG-4
259.1 Game Show Network HD HD MPEG-4
260.1 Discovery Family HD HD Kids/Family MPEG-4
261.1 Bloomberg Television HD HD News MPEG-4
262.1 Oxygen HD HD MPEG-4
263.1 Universal Kids HD HD Kids/Family MPEG-4
264.1 Cooking Channel HD HD MPEG-4
265.1 Magnolia Network HD HD MPEG-4
266.1 Outdoor Channel HD HD Sports MPEG-4
267.1 Vice HD HD MPEG-4
268.1 Investigation Discovery HD HD MPEG-4
269.1 FYI HD HD MPEG-4
270.1 Lifetime Movie Network HD HD MPEG-4
271.1 Destination America HD HD MPEG-4
272.1 Cartoon Network HD HD Kids/Family MPEG-4
273.1 E! Entertainment Television HD HD MPEG-4
274.1 Travel Channel HD HD MPEG-4
275.1 Tennis Channel HD HD Sports MPEG-4
276.1 The Sportsman Channel HD HD Sports MPEG-4
277.1 TV One HD HD MPEG-4
278.1 Comedy Central HD HD MPEG-4
279.1 MTV HD HD MPEG-4
280.1 VH1 HD HD MPEG-4
282.1 The Learning Channel HD HD MPEG-4
283.1 MTV Live HD HD MPEG-4
284.1 Smithsonian Channel HD HD MPEG-4
285.1 FXX HD HD MPEG-4
286.1 Hallmark Movies and Mysteries HD MPEG-4
287.1 Independent Film Channel HD HD MPEG-4
288.1 The Oprah Winfrey Network HD HD MPEG-4
306.1 WADL (38-IND) SD SD Local Broadcast MPEG-2
308.1 WKAR (33-PBS) SD SD Local Broadcast MPEG-2
312.1 WGTE (29-PBS) HD HD Local Broadcast MPEG-2
313.1 NewsNation HD HD News MPEG-4
400 HD MPEG-4 Test Channel HD MPEG-4