Zoom Phone at U-M

Zoom Phone is a softphone service, which allows you to place and receive calls via your U‑M provided desktop or laptop through the Zoom application. This means that you’ll be able to use your U‑M telephone number wherever you may be, without the restriction of the fixed location of a physical telephone, and you will no longer need to use or share your personal cell phone number for work purposes. You will have the additional option to use U‑M Zoom Phone on your personal mobile devices if you choose, but this is not required.

Welcome to Zoom Phone video

Getting Started

  • Day 1 Tasks
    These tasks must be completed before you begin using your Zoom phone.
  • Quick Start Guide
    Here's what you need to know to start using your Zoom phone.
Note: U-M Virtual Private Network (VPN)  is not required for Zoom Phone when you work off-site.

Project Funded Headsets/Desksets

If your phone number is being transitioned to Zoom Phone, you may be eligible to receive a project-funded headset to use with your computer or a project-funded deskset to replace your old desk phone.