VoIP Features

VoIP telephones include the following features at no additional charge:

  • Abbreviated Dialing
    Assign index numbers (2–199) to phone numbers for rapid dialing.
  • Call Forward All
    Forward all incoming calls to another phone (IP or non-IP).
  • Call PickUp
    Pick up incoming calls within your office group.
  • Call Waiting
    Allows a single line to receive more than one call at a time.
  • Conference
    Connect with up to eight parties on a call (yourself and seven others).
  • Immediate Divert (iDivert)
    Divert a call to your voicemail using the iDivert softkey.
  • Place On Hold
    Place a call on hold and answer other calls.
  • Quality Reporting Tool (QRT)
    Troubleshoot performance problems by reporting them directly to Repair Service.
  • Redial
    Dial the most recently dialed number.
  • Speed Dial
    Program a phone number to an available line on your phone.
  • Transfer
    Transfer a call to another phone (IP or non-IP).
  • User Options Web Page
    Perform functions via the web, (e.g., setup Speed Dial and Abbreviated Dialing).