Line Rates

The following line rates apply to traditional telephone services.

Item Billing Code Monthly Charge
Standard Line
Regular telephone line with these standard features: Call Forward, Call Hold, Call Park, Call Transfer, Caller ID, Consultation, Last Number Redial, Ring Again, Three-Way Conference, or Fax/Modem Line with Cutoff on Disconnect.
LN-REGL $20.50
Multiple Appearance Directory Number (MADN) Line
First Appearance (Key 1, Primary Line on one Telephone Set)
Multiple Appearance Directory Number (MADN) Line
Additional Appearance(s) (Key 2 or Below, on Telephone Sets at Other Locations)
Suspended Line
Includes monthly set maintenance charge.
LN-SUSP $12.00
800 Service (Forwarding to a University line)
Incoming domestic call charges $0.02/minute
Incoming Canadian call charges $0.12/minute
Elevator Phone Line LN-ELEV $20.50
Emergency Phone Line LN-EMER $20.50

Telephone Financial Reports

Unit administrators can review their traditional telephone and other telephone charges in the Summary of Charges report in the Service Request System.