Feature Rates

The following rates apply to traditional telephone services.

Feature descriptions can be found on our Telephone Features page.

Features Available at No Additional Charge

The following telephone features are available for no additional charge. Features followed by an (E) are only available on electronic telephones.

  • Features automatically added to a telephone on a new installation:
    Call Forward Programmable, Call Hold, Call Park, Call Transfer, Consultation, Inbound Caller ID, Last Number Redial, Ring Again, Three-Way Conference
  • Features available upon request:
    Authorization Code, Auto Answerback (E), Auto Display, AutoDial (E), Busy Lamp Field (E), Call Forward Busy, Call Forward Don’t Answer, Call Hunt, Call Pickup, Call Waiting, Cutoff on Disconnect, Executive Intercom (E), Group Intercom, Make Set Busy, Message Waiting Indicator, Name Display, Outbound Caller ID, Simultaneous Ring, Six-Way Conference, and Speed Calling.

Billable Features

The following telephone features include additional monthly charges.

Feature Billing Code Charge
Intercept Recording (30/60/90 days) IN-INTCPT $1.00/day
Multiple Appearance Directory Number (MADN) FT-MADN $1.75
Music on Hold (E) FT-MED $3.75
Exchange Voice Mail EX-VCML $1.15
Voice Menu Service FT-MENUSERV $52.50

Telephone Financial Reports

Unit administrators can review their traditional telephone and other telephone charges in the Summary of Charges report in the Service Request System.