Centrex Telephones & Rates

Centrex telephones are lines that the university has rented from an external vendor which are routed through our telephone switch to enable 5-digit dialing.


Centrex Telphone Rates

Service Billing Code Monthly Charge
Standard Centrex Telephone Line (DID line) or voice-grade data line CL-CXLN $28.00
Call Forward Private (To forward a call to any number other than another 998 number) CF-CFPF $3.35
Call Forward Voice Mail CF-FTRD
Centrex Listing Charge (Places a listing in the AT&T Directory) CF-SBCDIRLST $6.45/line one-time setup charge
Centrex Speed Call Group (Creates a list of ten numbers which can be dialed using a two digit code) CF-SCGS $0.45
Centrex Data Service — ISDN Line CL-ISDN $42.65

Telephone Financial Reports

Unit administrators can review their traditional telephone and other telephone charges in the Summary of Charges report in the Service Request System.