IP Contact Center Rates

IP Contact Center Line Rates

Item Billing Code Monthly Charge
Lead Directory Number LN-VOIP-ICDD $19.10
Agent Line LN-VOIP-ICDA $19.10
Supervisor Line LN-VOIP-ICDS $19.10
Agent/Supervisor Personal Line LN-VOIP-ICDP $9.25
Group Contact Center Application* FT-VOIP-ICD $37.55/group
Agent Contact Center Application FT-VOIP-ICDF $1.60/agent
*Note: Includes a one-time, time and materials service order charge for installation ($50.00 charge; SO-VO-STANDA billing code).

IP Contact Center Features

Item Billing Code Monthly Charge
Exchange Voicemail* EX-VCML $1.00
*Note: No setup charge if included with initial phone setup. $10 if added later.