IP Contact Centers

ITS supports multiple IP Contact Centers and provides their main numbers, menu prompts, off-hour messaging, hold settings, queue messaging, and other services. Each contact center is able work with ITS to design a call flow that is uniquely programmed for their requirements.

IP Contact Center supervisors:

  • Can monitor the number of calls in queue, the wait time of the oldest call, and which agents are logged in.

  • Can request or set up their own monthly reports, including:
    • Detailed call received/made data, by agent
    • Detailed length/percentage of time spent in each state, by agent
    • Summary call information for each contact center queue
  • Have access to Contact Center Dashboards with filterable call queue metrics.

Cisco Finesse

ITS IP Contact Centers are built on Cisco Unified Contact Center Express. Cisco Finesse is the client used by agents and supervisors for call handling and queue insight. Cisco Unified Intelligence Center (CUIC) provides real-time and historical reporting. Both Finesse and CUIC are web-based clients eliminating the need for client software upgrades.