Enhanced Cellular Coverage Project

As part of ITS’s role to maintain cellular relations and encourage vendors to improve campus coverage whenever possible, we managed the Enhanced Cellular Project starting in 2011.

As part of this project cellular vendors installed internal and external equipment on campus and in buildings to improve service in areas where it was known coverage was inadequate.

ITS is also beginning to install interior Distributed Antenna Systems on campus which can potentially improve coverage over time.

Campus Nodes

Cellular nodes improve coverage by attaching multiple nearby antennas.

  • Verizon installed over 45 small cell Distributed Antenna System nodes on campus.
  • AT&T installed one macrocell on the University Health System and one at the Michigan Stadium.

Michigan Stadium

Both Verizon and AT&T have provided upgrades to cellular coverage at the stadium to significantly improve service. They are expected to make further enhancements in the future.