Station Cable

Station cable is used to connect communications outlets in rooms throughout campus to a nearby Communications Closet. Communications closets are connected to a Building Entrance Room, typically located in the basement of each building. From the Building Entrance:

  • Fiber optic cable extends data connections to the campus core network, and
  • Copper cable extends traditional telephone lines to the campus analog telephone switch.¬†

Current University Standards

The current standard for intra-building cable is:

  • Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP)
  • Category 5E (Cat 5E) or 6A
  • Plenum-rated

Current Jack Configuration

Most campus locations have a communication outlet with two jacks that can be configured to connect a:

  • Data device (using an Ethernet patch cable) or
  • Traditional telephone (using an RJ line cord)

For more information about university standards, see our Station Cable Service Agreement or Building Wiring Standards.

In-Building Network Enhancements

New or updated station cabling is typically installed as an in-building network enhancement. Unit leader determine which wireless and wired network enhancements they wish to make in their buildings based on their teaching, learning, clinical, or administrative needs.