Licensed Departmental Use

The Targeted Email option for licensed departmental use  is useful for units that frequently (e.g. weekly, monthly) send mass emails to U-M faculty, staff, and students. After approval, the unit’s authorized users have direct access to use the web-based campaign software.

Licensed departmental users can:

  • Prepare messages 24/7
  • Upload and manage distribution lists
  • Schedule campaigns to begin distribution immediately, or at a later date and time
  • Change or cancel campaigns scheduled and not yet sent

Getting Started with Licensed Departmental Use

  1. Gather needed information:
    1. Will the tool be used to send messages internally to department or organizational groups only (ie, faculty, staff, and/or students in the unit)?
    2. Descriptions of all types of communications that will be sent using the tool (eg, email messages, newsletters, etc.) and samples
    3. Descriptions of the employee and student populations that will receive the communications distributed through this tool
    4. The list of unit staff who will have access to this tool
    5. Information about who will manage the recipient distribution lists
    6. information about how the lists will be built or obtained, if distribution lists are not already owned by the unit
    7. Estimate of how many email addresses will be used for distribution
    8. Information about the frequency of use anticipated (how many times per week, month, etc)
  2. Submit the request for Targeted Email - Licensed Departmental Use

The request is reviewed by ITS, University HR, Registrar’s Office, and other stakeholders. Following approval, next steps include:

  1. Participate in a 30-60-minute orientation and needs assessment to introduce the service and answer questions
  2. Attend instructor-led training via Zoom, provided by ITS (60 minutes)
  3. Complete the Email Accessibility Best Practices training
  4. Send practice emails to build familiarity and ability to effectively use the system 
  5. Continue using the tool as needed