Request a Targeted Email

U-M faculty, staff, and students may request a mass distribution to specified populations of U-M employees and Ann Arbor students. This service is for official university business only; advertising is not permitted. 

Requests are reviewed and approved on a case-by-case basis. Please review the approval process for more information.

Submit your request at least two business days before the intended send date. Additional lead time (minimum five business days) may be required when the message content needs multiple revisions, or additional approvals are needed, including:

  • Faculty populations
  • IRB
  • U-M executive offices

Content and Formatting Requirements

  • Write and format the message in a way that supports accessibility and avoids looking like phishing
  • Information in the email message must be time-critical
  • Messages should be generally relevant and meaningful to the work or work-life of the target population
  • Be clear, brief, and to the point; if you wish to convey more information, consider referring recipients to a web page for the detail
  • Include contact information (email or phone) to which further inquiries may be directed

Images & Attachments

  • To send a message with formatted text and or images, use the editing tool provided with the request form, or provide your own HTML code, when you submit your request
  • If you wish images to appear in your email, then they must be external image files that are linked in the message
    • Need HTML/coding assistance? Please consult your departmental communications team, or Michigan Creative
  • Attachments may not be sent with a targeted email; consider using web links within the email for sharing


Population Guidance

  • Using the pre-configured distribution lists reduces the time needed to process requests  
  • Requesters may supply their own lists; when submitting multiple distribution lists to be used with a single mass email, combine the files into a single zip file for upload
  • When trying to target a very specific population, refer to two UHR resources for clarification:

Ready to Request?

  1. Read the guidelines and requirements above
  2. Prepare your message content
  3. Specify your target audience
  4. If research-related, follow the additional requirements
  5. Submit Your Request