MRequest Terminology

MRequest uses FootPrints software terminology.

  • Project
    A single database.
  • Issue
    A record in a Project (field can renamed to e.g,, Call or Ticket).
  • Agent
    A standard, full-strength user. Typical agents are Help Desk Agent, Call Center Agent, Developer, Engineer, Manager, and Project Member.
  • Customer Account
    Intended for employee end-users or external customers, allowing those users to submit and track their own requests and to search the knowledge base.

Individual License Types (Permissions)

  • Agent
    Typically help desk personnel, customer service representatives, or engineers; able to use all functions including creating and managing Issues, and running queries.
  • Project Administrator
    All Agent capabilities, plus adding custom fields, setting options, and adding users.
  • System Administrator
    All of the above, plus has control over the whole FootPrints software tool, including administration of any project, adding new projects, and administering licenses.

Customer License Types (Permissions)

  • Read KB
    View and search the Knowledgebase.
  • Read KB/Requests
    View and search Knowledge Base, and check the status on their requests (entered by an internal user, or via email).
  • Read/Submit
    In addition to the functionality described above, users can submit Requests via the web interface.
  • Read/Submit/Edit
    In addition to the functionality described above, these users have limited edit privileges of their own Requests.