Form Notifications now available in U-M Google!

October 10, 2019

The Form Notifications add-on is now available on the G Suite Marketplace.

This add-on allows you to automate email notifications for:

  • Form respondents - send an automated follow-up email to any user who completes your form.
  • Form owners and editors -  receive an email notification once your form has received a set number of responses.

To install the add-on:

  • Navigate to the G Suite Marketplace installation page for Form Notifications
  • Click the blue Install button and then select Continue in the Get ready to install dialog box
  • In the popup, select your U-M Google account and then click the blue Allow button

This add-on has been turned on by our administrators and should be available now to download from the G Suite Marketplace.

Note: Add-ons/apps within the G Suite Marketplace are currently disabled for the University of Michigan domain, with a few exceptions, like Form Notifications. ITS is currently developing a formal process for requesting and evaluating add-ons/apps for U-M Google.