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Get Started with Google Forms

Create your form, choose settings and preview, send your form, analyze responses, and print a form.

Google Forms Tips & Tricks

Get more out of using Google Forms with ideas for how to use them with descriptions and instructions.

Google Forms Cheat Sheet

Diagrams on how-to create your form, choose settings and preview your form, send your form, and analyze responses. (Can be downloaded as a PDF)

A tour of Google Forms (3:30)
Create, edit, and format Google Forms

How to use Google Forms, create and grade quizzes, edit your form, choose a question for your form, change the theme or font of your form, show questions based on answers, and share your form with collaborators.

Google Forms advanced tools and troubleshooting

Set rules for your form, use add-ons and Apps Script, keyboard shortcuts for Google Forms, and can't open a form.

Google Forms from Start to Finish (13:09)

How to use Google Forms.

Share your Google Form and collect responses

Send your form to people, choose where to save form responses, and view and manage form responses.

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