More easily differentiate between collaborators in U-M Box

July 24, 2019

Box has announced that they are making it easier to identify external access usage within the U-M Box Web App. Coming soon, you will be able to:

  • more easily differentiate internal vs.external collaborators in the invite flow
  • visually determine internal vs. external collaborators and public shared links within the sharing pane.

The visual indicator will show when content is:

  • publicly available through an open shared link
  • externally collaborated

External Access Indicators will be present in the sharing sidebar.

Old experience                                                                           

Screenshot of the old experience for showing U-M Box sharing and collaborators 

 New experience

 Screenshot of new U-M Box sharing and collaboration experience



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Learn more about Box at Box University! Just use Login with Box and the Single Sign-On link. Enter your UMICH email address to reach the U-M Weblogin page.