Announcing Box Drive!

June 14, 2017

Box Drive (formerly Box for Desktop) public beta is now available! Box Drive gives you access to your files on Box, streaming them to your desktop–even terabytes of data–without putting them on your hard drive. Box Drive works as a folder on your desktop that allows you to access files stored in Box just like files actually stored on your computer.

MiWorkspace managed devices: Box Drive will be available when the production version is released. MiWorkspace recommends not installing the Box Drive beta at this time. Any need to be a Box Drive early adopter should be directed to the ITS Service Center to discuss beta software risks and the requirements of Box Drive on a MiWorkspace managed device.


  • If you use Box Sync, make sure to uninstall it prior to installing Box Drive. Using both at the same time is not supported and is known to cause problems. Box Sync will eventually be retired.
  • Do not use Box Drive if you need offline access to your files. Offline access will be available after the beta.

So, why use Box Drive?

  • It provides seamless access to your files stored in the cloud.
  • Box Drive is easy to learn and simple to use because it’s grounded in the desktop.
  • Files are no longer stored on hard drives by default, reducing the risk of data loss.
  • Replace your legacy shared drives. Box Drive offers the same ease and simplicity you get with network shares. 

What does "public beta" mean?
There's more functionality in development so Box chose to take a more conservative release approach. Please report any issues to the ITS Service Center so that we can report them to Box on behalf of the University.

Beginning today, Box Drive is available in the Box Apps.

Visit the Box Drive Public Beta Resource Center and learn about installing and using Box Drive.