U-M Box Updates

Box and Older Operating Systems


Have you ever been told how important it is to keep your operating system up-to-date? We hear it constantly for online security, but it is also important to keep apps working as they should. For example, one issue we often get calls about is Box Edit not working. Box Edit (and many other Box apps) don’t work on older operating systems. Box officially supports the latest two versions of Windows and OSX. More information on OS and browser support is on the Box Community site.

Recents in New Box UI


The new Box user interface has been rolling out new improvements to make working in Box easier for everyone. One of the newest features is the Recents view. This new view is located in the left-hand toolbar with the All Files and Favorites views, among others.

Clicking on the Recents view takes you to a screen showing the most recent files you have viewed. This new feature helps you find documents or files you were working on more quickly to save you time. You can even set Recents to be your default home page. Look for it in your Account Settings.

Reminder: Box Ended Support for IE9 & IE10


Last September, Box discontinued support for Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) & 10 (IE10), including any version of compatibility mode that represents IE9 or IE10, in alignment with Microsoft's support cycle for these products. This means that usage of these browsers poses a security risk since these browsers will no longer receive security updates from Microsoft. As of January, 2016, Microsoft stopped supporting IE9 & IE10 for the Windows operating systems that Box supports (Windows 7, Windows 8 (64-bit only) and Windows 10) and will no longer release security updates making these browsers vulnerable to attacks. (e.g. IE9 doesn't support policies such as CSP). Microsoft supports Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) on Windows 7 and Windows 8 and Microsoft Edge on Windows 10.

Why was support ended for IE9 & IE10? There are several reasons:

  • Maintaining backwards compatibility with much older technologies hinders Box’s ability to innovate and use the best technologies available today.
  • Box is unable to provide a quality preview experience to all users because IE9 doesn't support new libraries such as PDF.js.
  • Box is unable to provide quick and responsive UI to IE9 users for lack of support with CSS transitions and animations, form validation, and more.

Currently, users who try to access Box on either of these unsupported browsers (including on the associated compatibility modes for these browsers) are presented with an in-app banner notifying them that they are no longer using a supported browser and need to upgrade. This started happening early February 2017.

Starting in early May 2017, users who try to access Box on either of these unsupported browsers (including on the associated compatibility modes for these browsers and/or if IE11 is manually set to run as IE9 or IE10) will be blocked entirely from Box until they have upgraded to a supported browser.

If you are a frequent IE9 or IE10 user, we highly encourage you to either upgrade or switch to a Box supported browser. You can find all the supported browsers here. Please note that we cannot selectively disable the banner or block for enterprises.

Search for Box Notes


Box made it easier to find Box Notes! In the Box Notes web and desktop apps, a search icon is now at the top of the left side menu. It opens a text field to search the entire U-M Box domain. Any matching Notes that you have access to appear in the search results within Box Notes.

Box Edit may not work with Chrome in Mac OS Sierra


The U-M Box team recently discovered that Box Edit may not work with Chrome in Mac OS Sierra. If you encounter problems using Box Edit, contact the ITS Service Center for help in resolving the issue. The solution may seem complex, but Box did post one in Box Community. An easier workaround is to use an alternate browser.