U-M Box Updates

REMINDER: Use a Shared U-M Box Account for Sensitive Data


Box at U-M may be used with some types of sensitive data, including Protected Health Information (PHI), according to the U-M Sensitive Data Guide. You are responsible for using Box appropriately with sensitive university data and taking the necessary precautions. 

Sensitive data should be stored in a folder owned by a Shared Account.

Please review Box: Folder Settings and Permissions to learn how to set up a shared U-M Box folder to store sensitive data. 

Learn More about U-M Box:

  • Check out the U-M Box Service Updates page.
  • Visit Box University! Use Login with Box. If prompted, click Single Sign On and enter your UMICH email address to reach the U-M Weblogin page.

U-M Box April Monthly Summary


New updates:

This month, Box made a few improvements to Box Notes:

  • Create Box Notes more quickly
    Box made it easier to create a Box Note from the web app! When creating a new Box Note, you'll be taken directly to a new untitled Note without having to first enter a Note title. This allows you to start jotting down thoughts quickly and efficiently. 
  • A new way to create Box Notes
    Coming soon, you’ll see a "+" sign next to "Notes" in the left navigation to create a new Note from Box no matter what page you are viewing. All the Notes created will be saved in the default Notes folder.
  • More concurrent editors
    Also coming soon to Box Notes, the maximum number of people editing a Note concurrently is increasing from 20 to 30! Increasing the maximum number of people editing a Note at the same time allows more collaboration to happen.

Previously communicated:

New Box File Request Experience


The File Request experience in Box is getting an addition: the ability to build a structured content-intake form. This allows you to request files and collect metadata directly in Box from anyone, even those without a Box account. 
The upcoming enhancement allows you to: 

  • Build a structured intake form with one or more drag and drop areas
  • Solicit additional information with metadata form fields, which can be set as required/optional
  • Enable extra security and tracking with link settings

Learn more about the new File Request experience from Box.

Create a new File Request

Enable custom settings

Important note on default settings
Box plans to make this available in U-M Box beginning on May 7. By default, users who have editor permissions or above on folders will be able to create File Requests.

Share Box Links More Quickly


Box is reducing the number of steps to enable and share a file’s link. Soon, a single-click on new shared link () will enable the file’s shared link. The familiar share window pops up where you’ll notice the Enable shared link () toggle is already enabled and find the Copy button. Box will be rolling this out to U-M Box beginning today, April 17. 

U-M Box February Monthly Summary


The monthly U-M Box Summaries inform the university community of Box releases. We communicate important information throughout the month and summarize them below. 

New updates:

Now available in the U-M Box web app, owners and co-owners of Box folders can generate a shareable 'request file' link for a specified folder, where it can be shared with anyone, including those without a Box account. Once submitters receive the link, they select or drag and drop their files into Box. Note: submitters can send file sizes up to 5GB. Once the files are submitted, they are automatically uploaded to your chosen Box folder with no need to invite them as a collaborator to your folder. You can also set the folder notifications to alert you when content is uploaded. 

The Box Task Center allows you to view all your actionable work while the enhanced Notification Center helps you easily keep track of relevant activities in U-M Box. In your U-M Box navigation bar, you'll notice a clipboard icon, which will take you to the Task Center. It allows you to see and complete all your tasks from one view. Additionally, you can get alerted when new tasks are assigned, complete tasks directly from the Task Center window, and see all your assigned and sent tasks from a single view. Finally, Box has made the Notifications UI more organized and actionable. To learn more about using the Task Center, visit Box’s Community site.

The Box app for Android now includes an inbox that captures Tasks & Notifications. The Task Center allows you to view and complete all your actionable work in U-M Box, as well as to see the status of any tasks you’ve assigned to others. For more information about this release, visit Box’s blog post

Box now includes preview support for 6 RAW file types: NEF, CR2, CRW, RAF, RAW, and DNG. You can now easily preview raw images in U-M Box with no need to download them first to open and view. 

You now have the ability to search for text inside of scanned PDFs in U-M Box. Box uses machine learning-based technologies to extract text from PDFs to make it searchable. Previously, you were able to search the contents of PDFs that contained OCR data such as documents that originated from Microsoft Word, but not those that are image-based, such as scanned documents or Box Capture PDFs.

All U-M Box products and features will now work on the new Microsoft Edge (chromium-based) browser.

With Resumable Uploads, you'll now be able to resume your failed uploads from where the upload last left off. If you happen to lose connection while uploading files/folders, you'll now be able to resume the upload from where it last left off, rather than starting over.

After April 30, 2020, Box will end support for Box Drive, Box Sync, Box Tools and Box Notes Desktop on Mac OS X 10.13. Per Box’s OS support policy, they will maintain support for Box on the two latest versions of Mac OS X. Following the EOL date, you will be able to access these applications on OS X 10.13 but will be entirely unsupported by Box, including all security patches. 

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