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5 Skills to Get Started Video Tutorial (2:43)

Quickly learn how to login, create files, upload content, invite collaborators, send files, find your files, and have a conversation in Box.

Box: Best Practices and Tips

A long list of quick tips from our U-M Box experts.

Box: Collaborating Outside of U-M

U-M welcomes external collaborators! One of the best features about having a U-M Box account is the ability to invite anyone to collaborate. They don't have to be on campus or even have an existing Box account of their own. Use the practices outlined in this document to get the best experience for collaborating with those outside of U-M.

CTools Project Site Migration (43:33) | Jun 22, 2017 

What to expect and how to select alternative tools. Learn how Shared Accounts, Team Drive, U-M Discussion Groups and MCommunity Groups can enhance collaboration and communication. John demos migrating from a CTools site. Also see CTools Project Sites Transition Website.

Sensitive Data Guide

Shows which services can be used for which data types, search or browse by data types and IT tools & services, or see data sensitivity information by role.

Shared Accounts in U-M Box and U-M Google

How to request and manage a shared account in U-M Google and U-M Box.  (Shared accounts allow a group to have a U-M Google or U-M Box account that is owned by that group rather than by an individual)

Understanding Box Collaborator Permission Levels

Box's collaboration levels are a great tool to manage permissions. This table shows what tools are included in each role and how they compare.

Work better with visuals? See ITS Box Collaboration Levels diagram.

Managing MCommunity Groups & UMICH Passwords for Shared Accounts

How to manage the MCommunity Directory group profile associated with a shared account and how to change the UMICH password used for that account.

MCommunity Group Synchronization to U-M Google and Box

MCommunity Directory groups are synchronized to U-M Google and U-M Box so a user can use them when sending email, sharing resources, and collaborating. This document lists what parts of MCommunity groups are sent to U-M Google and U-M Box.

The Basics of Box

A Box user guide. Create a new folder, upload files, navigate your account, invite collaborators, shared links, add comments, download and lock a file to edit, version control, folder properties, email notifications, Box Sync, and Box edit

Google Shared Drives (Team Drives) Comparison with Shared Accounts in My Drive and Box

U-M Google shared drives (formally known as Team Drives), My Drive, and U-M Box are great for maintaining a shared document repository. However, there are important differences in how they each work. Tables in this document outline how the three compare.

Box Drive vs. Box Sync

Both applications give users the ability to access Box content from the user's desktop environment. Box Drive will eventually replicate most of Box Sync's functionality, but for now there are a few differences between the applications that may make one more suited to your needs than the other.

Box Edit Walkthrough (1:40) | December 27, 2017

Learn how to edit your files quickly with Box Edit.

Box Notes - Real-time online note-taking for teams (1:41)

Use Box Notes for meeting agendas, group brainstorming, project management, and personal to-do lists.

Collaborate on Box Files

How to share the content a user has uploaded to Box with colleagues. When to share a link to a file or folder vs. when to add a collaborator.

Collaborate with Box & Google Shared Accounts (40:41) | Dec 1, 2016

Walkthroughs and comparisons of how U-M Box and U-M Google operate using shared accounts.

How to check who accessed your Box file (1:32) | May 19, 2015

How to use access stats to check who viewed a Box file.

How to reset your Box password (0:47) | February 23, 2015
How to share links with Box (0:49) | February 10, 2015

How to share links and how to use shared links in Box.

How to upload files with Box (0:53) | February 10, 2015

Learn how to upload files to Box.

How to upload folders with Box (0:39) | February 10, 2015

Learn how to upload folders to Box.

Installing Box Drive

How to install Box Drive, uninstall Box Sync, and sign-in for Mac & Windows. NOTE: If you currently have Box Sync installed, uninstall Box Sync before installing Box Drive. 

Migrate Content to Box

Choose what content to move into Box. Determine the best method for migrating content based on a user's storage needs.

Replace Email Attachments with Shared Links in Box

How (and when) to share a link that points directly to a Box file or folder. How to add security options to a user's shared links.

Securing Your Data in U-M Box (44:32) | Jun 21, 2016

How users can make sure to safely handle and secure their sensitive and non-sensitive data in U-M Box.

U-M Box and Google Drive: Ownership and Permissions

While both U-M Box and Google Drive are great for maintaining a shared document repository, ownership, and permissions settings (including inheritance of these settings between top-level folders and their sub-folders) works very differently in each.

Upload to Box with the File Browser

Learn the basics of uploading content to U-M Box.

Upload Your Content to Box

How to upload files and folders to Box via drag and drop, the file browser, or keyboard shortcut.

An Introduction to Box - The Cloud Content Management Platform (2:21)

Box is a modern content management platform that solves simple and complex challenges, from sharing and accessing files on mobile devices to sophisticated business processes like data governance and retention.

Box Comments and Tasks Video Tutorial (1:09) | January 09, 2018

Learn how to comment on files, mention other collaborators, and assign tasks in Box.

Box for Office Integrations

Open files from Box, save files to Box, access Box options, and generate Box shared links right from within Microsoft Office Word, Excel, and PowerPoint on desktop and mobile. (Does not work on MacOS)

Box: Accounts for People Who Leave U-M

U-M Box is provided to current students, faculty, staff, and sponsored affiliates. Employees whose U-M employment ends lose access. If you are to lose access, you will receive an email notice 30 days before your access will end. This document explains what steps to take before someone leaves the university and loses access to their U-M Box account.

Box: Collaborate Using MCommunity Groups

Learn how to collaborate in U-M Box using MCommunity groups.

Box: Folder Settings and Permissions

An overview of folder settings and permissions in U-M Box to maintain compliance with the U-M Sensitive Data Guide.

Box: Using Single Sign On

All U-M Box accounts are required to use Single Sign On (SSO) with uniqname and UMICH password to login (as long as the app’s login allows it). If you previously set up an external password with your account, it does not work where SSO is supported. External passwords continue to be used for FTPS, WebDAV and third party (non-core) apps not able to use SSO. If you see a link to use SSO, do so. (Includes screenshots)

Box: Working with Sensitive Data

Learn more about guidelines, access levels for collaborators, and folder security settings of U-M Box.

Creating & Using Files and Folders Video Tutorial (3:10) | January 09, 2018

Learn how to create and set up your folder structure with Box.

CTools Project Site Migration Day 1 — Using Box

How do I find my migrated resources in U-M Box, what can I do with U-M Box, how do I get started, more information on using U-M Box, and how to get help.

Email Notifications In Box

Manage your email notifications in Box.

Getting Started with Box Drive

Box Drive streams your content from the cloud to your desktop, taking up very little hard drive space as you access, share, and work with all your files. With Box Drive, you can use the Windows Explorer or Mac Finder to navigate to any file that's in your Box account, open and edit like you would a local file, and save it back to the cloud.

How to Use Box Search

Search for files and folders, tips, and with filtering. See how search indexing work and which languages are supported on Box search.

Replace Email Chains with Comments and Tasks

Exchange ideas and feedback with your team through comments. Set deadlines and maximize productivity through tasks.

The New U-M Box (40:52) | Jul 18, 2017

Observe how the remodeled web app makes it easy to interact with a user's files and folders. Collaborating and sharing is more straight forward.

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