U-M Box Accessibility

This page provides information about known Box accessibility barriers and work-arounds, and will be updated regularly. If you have any questions, please contact the ITS Service Center.


At present, the most accessible way to use Box is via the a.box.com website. This site contains many key Box features, and works well on mobile devices. It also contains a link to the standard Box site.

It's currently possible to use a.box.com to perform the following functions:

  • Log in (using your U-M email address and Kerberos password)
  • Browse files and folders
  • Download files
  • Upload files
  • Add a new folder
  • Invite and view folder collaborators
  • Share files
  • Search files
  • Access favorite files
  • Delete a selected folder
  • Add comments to files
  • Enable shared links for files and folders
  • For folders, access an "Edit Folder" menu which allows you to add the folder to your favorites, rename the folder, and sync the folder to your desktop
  • For files, access an "Additional Options" menu which allows you to access file information, add the file to your favorites, upload a new version, and rename or delete the file
  • Access Box Notes for real-time collaboration
  • Use the Settings Account information link to:
    • See how much storage space you have and how much you are using
    • Modify your primary and linked email addresses
    • Set preferences for time zone and languages
  • Use the Settings Profile link to change information about your name, company, title, and phone.
  • Go to the full box.com site
  • Log out

On the full box.com site, you can press the Tab key until you reach a hidden "Switch to the Accessible Version of Box" link, which will take you to a.box.com. You may need to go through the login process again before a.box.com opens.

As Box continues to improve their offerings, additional features are expected to be provided in an accessible form, and this page will be updated accordingly.

Known Accessibility Issues

Several key features, including the following, are present in the main version of box.com but are missing from a.box.com:

  • Access to "Shared Links" account settings
  • Access to individual folder security settings
  • Ability to upload, download, move, copy, or delete multiple files/folders or the entire contents of a folder at a time
  • Ability to change notification preferences
  • Ability to accept or decline share invites
  • Some key features in a.box.com, including the following, are not fully accessible:
    • File Preview is not accessible, and many steps are required to bypass it and download a document.
    • It is not possible to use keyboard commands to get to the Box Notes toolbar. Some of these toolbar functions have keyboard shortcuts, and others such as Insert Image and Insert Table do not. In addition, it is necessary to access this toolbar to find the documented list of keyboard shortcuts.
  • The downloadable Box Sync app is not accessible.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Some keyboard shortcuts are supported for the full box.com site. These primarily refer to functions that are not currently supported through a.box.com. The shortcuts for functions that are supported do not appear to work within a.box.com.