Getting Started with Identity Governance

If your unit is interested in learning more about Identity Governance (IG), send email to [email protected]. Requests to implement an IG integration will be prioritized based on the benefits of IG in relation to the availability of ITS and unit staff and the amount of work involved in the transition process.

We encourage you to think about your answers to the questions below before requesting an IG integration.

  • Who are your unit experts? Do they have time to participate in implementation? To participate in an IG integration, a unit will need to contribute an in-depth knowledge of their business processes and system permissions, and commit to an estimated amount of work in the planning, implementation, and ongoing support of IG. This includes providing information about the current access management process, attending regular meetings during the integration process, and perform system testing.
  • What are the steps and criteria of the access process you want to automate? The criteria and permissions for IG Business Roles need to be defined and approved by business process owners, application owners, data stewards, and others responsible for managing access. The IG tool can be used to automate access, but you need to have clearly defined criteria and processes that you can automate.
  • Can you commit unit resources over several months? The length of time to implement IG in a unit varies based on the type of access and systems to be integrated. A complicated access management process may take several months to integrate with IG.