Identity Governance Tool

The Identity Governance (IG) tool for U-M is an optional tool to strategically and proactively manage access to university digital and physical resources. IG automatically grants and revokes access for users across systems as the users’ data changes.

For example, when an employee changes jobs, access could automatically be adjusted in response to the changed job department and title. This type of automatic change provides more timely access to systems and and poses less risk by removing access when it is no longer needed.

IG enables reporting to:

  • Monitor who has access to what and why.
  • Analyze existing applications’ permissions to better understand current access and develop new rules for automating the access required to perform a job function.

IG Tool Status. Use of IG will expand gradually to the university community. Requests to implement IG will be prioritized based on:

  • How much manual effort IG could eliminate from your access management process(es) and the systems involved.
  • Availability of the unit’s resources to design role access, system resources to develop IG integration, and ITS staff to support the transition to IG.

If your unit is interested in learning more about implementing IG, send email to [email protected].