Student Uniqnames & Accounts

Students on the Ann Arbor, Dearborn, and Flint campuses set their own uniqnames using a self-serve application via the web. As soon as their uniqname is set, a U-M account and computing services are set up for them automatically.

  1. Incoming students receive an email invitation to set up a uniqname and account. The email includes a link to Uniqname & Account Setup.
    • UM-Ann Arbor students receive the invitation after they confirm their admission and their enrollment deposit is received or waived.
    • UM-Dearborn and UM-Flint students receive the invitation after they are admitted.
  2. The new student completes the online process to set a uniqname and password, and an account is set up automatically. For details, see Set Up Your Uniqname and Account.
    Note: If an new student already has a uniqame from a previous relationship with the university, they will reactivate their existing uniqname during the setup process rather than creating a new one.

    Two email reminders are sent (two weeks apart) if the student does not set a uniqname and password.

  3. Once a new student sets a uniqname, standard computing services are automatically provided to them, including a U-M Google account.
Note: Dearborn ITS issues additional passwords to students. See Dearborn ITS Accounts & Passwords.