Student Uniqnames & Accounts

UM-Ann Arbor & UM-Dearborn

Students on the Ann Arbor and Dearborn campuses set their own uniqnames using a self-serve application via the web. As soon as their uniqname is set, a U-M account and computing services are set up for them automatically.

  1. Incoming students receive an email invitation to set up a uniqname and account. The email includes a link to Uniqname & Account Setup.
    • UM-Ann Arbor students receive the invitation after they confirm their admission and their enrollment deposit is received or waived.
    • UM-Dearborn students receive the invitation after they are admitted.
  2. The new student completes the online process to set a uniqname and password, and an account is set up automatically. For details, see Set Up Your Uniqname and Account.
    Note: If an new student already has a uniqame from a previous relationship with the university, they will reactivate their existing uniqname during the setup process rather than creating a new one.

    Two email reminders are sent (two weeks apart) if the student does not set a uniqname and password.

  3. Once a new student sets a uniqname, standard computing services are automatically provided to them, including a U-M Google account.
Note: Dearborn ITS issues additional passwords to students. See Dearborn ITS Accounts & Passwords.


Uniqnames and passwords are created for UM-Flint students using an automated process that begins with the Flint Registrar's Office. Flint students can direct questions to UM-Flint Information Technology Services.

When MCommunity receives information that a person is a Flint student and that person has a uniqname, an MCommunity Directory profile is created automatically. MCommunity receives weekly data updates from the Flint campus.

When a Flint student has a uniqname and an MCommunity Directory profile, a U-M account, including access to U-M Google, is automatically created for them. In addition, an email forwarding address for the student's Flint email account ( is added to their directory entry. This allows the student to receive email at their address. Flint students use an email and calendar service provided by Flint Information Technology Services instead of U-M Google Mail and Calendar.

Note: Flint students receive more than one password to use with their uniqname. The UMICH password is referred to as the UMICH, Kerberos, or Ann Arbor password.