Information for New Staff

Welcome to computing at the University of Michigan. You have at your fingertips many wonderful computing resources.

All regular staff members on the Ann Arbor campus are eligible to receive a standard set of computing services. Managers of temporary staff can make arrangements for computing services through the ITS Service Center. If you are a new temporary staff member, check with your supervisor to see what kind of computing resources are available to you.

The Basics: Your Uniqname, Password and Computing Services

To tap into U-M's rich computing environment you'll need an ID ("uniqname"), a UMICH password, and the standard computing services.


A computing ID at U-M is called a uniqname (pronounced "unique name"). If you are new regular staff member, a uniqname has been created for you based on your first and last names. It is public information and is printed on your Mcard along with your full name. You may tell anyone your uniqname because it will be part of your email address. (Your email address is

UMICH password

A UMICH (Kerberos) password has also been created for you. Your password authenticates—or proves that you are you—when you use computing services. Do not tell anyone your password. Keeping your password secret guards against unauthorized use (or misuse) of services in your name. If you forget your UMICH password, contact the ITS Service Center and they will issue you a new one.

Password Security

For security reasons, it's a good idea to reset pre-assigned passwords right away and change working passwords at least once every six months. It's easy to change your password online. For more information, see Choosing and Changing a Safe and Secure UMICH Password.

Other passwords

Some departments may require additional passwords for use of computing resources they provide.

Authorized staff who need access to certain administrative data systems will be given special IDs and passwords to access those systems. Many departments also issue passwords for applications and functions running on departmentally managed systems. For security reasons, it's usually a good idea to use a different password for each different function.

Standard Computing Services

ITS provides a basic set of computing services at no charge to all regular staff on the Ann Arbor campus (and to some temporary staff, by arrangement with the ITS Service Center). Service levels are fixed and provided on a per-term basis, with terms being defined as four-month periods beginning in January, May and September. Individuals who use more than the quotas may do so but will be charged for the additional use.

The computing services include a uniqname and UMICH password, email, laser printing in the Campus Computing Sites and University Libraries, file storage on the Andrew File System (AFS), World Wide Web access, MCommunity Directory, Login Service, Statistics and Computation Service, and help desk assistance with these services. Learn more about the standard computing services.

If you have questions about gaining access to the standard computing services, contact the ITS Service Center. If you have questions about using these services (email, printing, and more), the consultants at 734-764-4357 (4-HELP) should be able to assist you.

More Resources for Staff

Here are a few other resources that may be of interest to you as a new U-M staff member: