MCommunity Sponsorship Request Forms

You can request sponsorships on behalf of your unit for the purpose of university business or activities if you are a regular (not temporary) staff/faculty member.

  • Ask your unit's sponsorship administrator to set up the sponsorship for you. If you do not know who your unit's sponsorship administrator is, you can ask the ITS Service Center to let you know who it is.
  • If your unit does not have a sponsorship administrator, you can use one of the forms below to request a sponsorship.

Sponsorship Request Forms

  • MCommunity Individual Sponsorship Application (U-M login required)
    Departments can use this form to request a uniqname and ITS computing services for an individual—from an incoming faculty member to a temporary staff member to a guest wireless user. This form can be used for individuals being sponsored for any sponsorship business reason; it covers both regular and temporary uniqnames.
  • MCommunity Multiple Sponsorship Application (U-M login required)
    Departments can use this form to request multiple temporary uniqnames (and computing services) for groups of people. This form can only be used for groups of conference/program participants, wireless users, and other short-term guests. For all other sponsorship categories, use the Individual Application listed above. Please allow three business days for your request to be processed.

    The form collects sponsorship details and asks that you provide a list of the people you want to sponsor in an Excel spreadsheet. The form provides a way to attach the spreadsheet to your request.

    1. Download the Excel template.
      IMPORTANT: If the people you want sponsored already have UMID numbers, please use this Excel template with UMIDs so the uniqnames can be matched with those numbers.
    2. Fill in the spreadsheet.
    3. Fill in the online form and attach the spreadsheet.

About Sponsorship Administrators and Sponsoring Authorities