U-M Windows Organization Prefixes

Prefix Organization Parent
ARTS The Arts Initiative and Arts at Michigan
A Athletics
A2RU Alliance for the Arts in Research Universities
AA Academic Affairs
AAA Access and Accounts ITS
AAUM Alumni Association
AC American Culture LSA
ACUO Animal Care and Use Office
ADDC Digital Media Commons
ADM School of Public Health Administration SPH
ADS Active Directory Services
ADSROOT Active Directory Services Root
ADVP University of Michigan Advance Program LSA
AE Architecture, Engineering and Construction BF
AEC Architecture, Engineering and Construction BF
AERO Aerospace Engineering ENGIN
AI Academic Innovation
ALC Asian Language and Culture LSA
ANTH Anthropology LSA
AOSS Atmospheric, Oceanic and Space Sciences ENGIN
ARCTS Advanced Research Computing
AS ActiveStep
ASTR Astronomy LSA
ATH Athletics
ATL Advanced Technology Lab ENGIN
AUTO Automotive Lab ENGIN
AUTOLAB Walter E. Lay Automotive Lab ENGIN
AV Associate VP for Finance BF
AWSH ITS Compute Services
AX Auxiliary Services BF
BA Building Automation Services BF
BEC Business Engagement Center
BF Business and Finance BF
BFIT Business and Finance Information Technology (deprecated) BF
BFLY Butterfly Science (Test environment)
BHL Bentley Historical Library
BIAD Institute for Research on Labor, Employment, and the Economy
BIO Biology LSA
BIOMED Biomedical Engineering ENGIN
BIOSTAT Biostatistics SPH
BLI Barger Leadership Institute LSA
BMC Int Med-Cardiology
BME Biomedical Engineering ENGIN
BP Benefits and Payroll BF
BRD Biophysics Research Division LSA
BREW Department of Dormitory Brewing (Test environment)
BUS Ross School of Business
BUSMBA Ross School of Business
CAEN Computer Aided Engineering Network ENGIN
CALENDAR Calendar Services ITS
CAPER Center for Advanced Polymer Engineering Research ENGIN
CAREER Career Center
CAS Computing for Arts and Science LSA
CASL College of Arts, Sciences, and Letters UMD
CATS Computer and Technology Services PHYS
CBPH Community-Based Public Health SPH
CCS Campus Computing Sites ITS
CDB Cell and Developmental Biology
CECS Dearborn CECS
CEE Civil and Environmental Engineering ENGIN
CEO Center for Education Outreach
CEW Center for the Education of Women
CGH Center for Global Health SPH
CGIS Center for Global and Intercultural Study LSA
CHCR Center for Health Communications Research
CHE Chemical Engineering ENGIN
CHEM Chemistry LSA
CHEME Chemical Engineering ENGIN
CHGD Center for Human Growth and Development
CHRY Chrysler Center ENGIN
CI Confucius Institute
CILER Cooperative Institute for Limnology and Ecosystems Research ENGIN
CIT Center for Information Technology Integration
CITI Center for Information Technology Integration
CLAS Classical Studies LSA
CLASP Climate and Space ENGIN
CLEM Clements Library
CLSE CAEN - Lab Student Environment ENGIN
CNS Center for Nanomaterials Science ENGIN
COE College of Engineering ENGIN
COLT Comparative Literature LSA
COMM Communication Studies LSA
CPPM Computer Power and Patch Management
CPRE Consortium for Policy Research in Education/?Education
CREATIVE Michigan Creative
CRHIX Clinical Research Health Info Exchange
CRLT Center for Research on Learning and Teaching
CS Compute Services ITS
CS Compute Services
CSBYC Psychology LSA
CSCAR Center for Statistical Consultation and Research
CSCS Complex Systems LSA
CSE Computer Science Engineering ENGIN
CSP Comprehensive Studies Program LSA
CSR Climate and Space Research Building ENGIN
CSS Earl Lewis Center for Social Solutions LSA
CTOPS CTools Operations CTOOLS
CUOS Center for Ultrafast Optical Science ENGIN
DAAS Department of Afroamerican and African Studies LSA
DB ITS IS Database Services ITS
DBK ITS - Desktop Backup
DC Duderstat Center ENGIN
DDS School of Dentistry
DEAN Dean's Office LSA
DEIEA Evaluations and Assessments PVST
DENT School of Dentistry
DETCTR Detroit Center
DEV Office of Vice President for Development
DI Desktop Infrastructure ITS
DNS Domain Name System
DOW H. H. Dow Building ENGIN
DPS Department of Public Safety
DSP Digital Signage Project
DSW Digital Signage and Wayfinding
DUDE Duderstadt Center
EARTH Earth and Environmental Sciences LSA
ECON Economics LSA
EEB Ecological and Evolutionary Biology LSA
EECS Electrical Engineering and Computer Science ENGIN
EES Earth & Environmental Sciences LSA
EHS Environmental Health Sciences SPH
ELI English Language and Literature LSA
ELPP English Language Proficiency Program UMD
EMAL Electron Microbe Analysis Laboratory ENGIN
ENG English Language and Literature LSA
ENGIN College of Engineering ENGIN
ENGINADMIN Engineering Administration ENGIN
EPB Engineering Programs Building ENGIN
EPID Epidemiology SPH
ES Storage Services
EUC End User Computing
EVS Storage Services
EWRE Environmental And Water Resources Building ENGIN
EX Exchange
FAMMED Department of Family Med
FIN Finance BF
FMMED Department of Family Med
FMRI Functional MRI Laboratory
FO Facilities and Operations BF
FSPP Gerald R Ford School of Public Policy
FTVM Film, Television, and Media LSA
FXB Francois-Xavier Bagnoud Building ENGIN
GERM Germanic Languages LSA
GESI Graham Environmental Sustainability Institute
GGBL George G. Brown Laboratories ENGIN
GIEU Global Intercultural Experience for Undergraduates
GSP Global Scholars Program LSA
HART History of Art LSA
HBHE Health Behavior Health Education SPH
HERB Herbarium LSA
HGSING Department of Human Genetics (Charles F Sing Lab)
HICE Center for Highly Interactive Classrooms/?Education
HIST History LSA
HMP Health Management and Policy SPH
HMRC Health Management Resource Center SPH
HR University Human Resources BF
HSG Housing Information Technology Office
HSONH Henderson House
HSSP Health Sciences Scholars Program LSA
HUMGEN Department of Human Genetics
HUMI Humanities Institute LSA
IA Information Assurance
IC Instructional Computing LSA
ICPSR Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research
IESET Institute for Environmental Science, Engineering, and Technology ENGIN
IFIP Institute for Firearm Injury Prevention
IHA Institute for Human Adjustment
II International Institute LSA
INTERPRO Interdisciplinary Professional Programs ENGIN
INTMED Internal Medicine
IOE Industrial Operations Engineering ENGIN
IP Innovation Partnerships
IPC International Policy Center FSPP
IQ Information Quest
IRLEE Institute for Research on Labor, Employment, and the Economy/?BIAD
IRWG Institute for Research on Women and Gender LSA
ISD Integrative Systems & Design Division ENGIN
ISR Institute for Social Research
ISS Instructional Support Services LSA
ISSS Information Systems Shared Support, Fleming
IST Institute for Science and Technology ENGIN
ITC Information Technology Commons
ITCOM Information Technology Communication ITS
ITCS Information and Technology Services
ITCSDS ITS Desktop Support ITS
ITDS Desktop Support ITS
ITI Industrial Technology Institute ENGIN
ITS Information and Technology Services BF
JS Judaic Studies LSA
JTPM Japan Technology Management Program ENGIN
KECC Kidney Epidemiology and Cost Center (KECC)
KELS Kelsey Museum of Archaeology LSA
KHRI Kresge Hearing Research Institute
KIN Kinesiology
KINES Kinesiology
L LSA End User Computing LSA
LASC Laboratory for Scientific Computation ENGIN
LAW Law School
LBME Lurie Biomedical Engineering Building ENGIN
LCS Live Communication Service
LDEV LSA Development LSA
LEC Lurie Engineering Center ENGIN
LHSP Lloyd Hall Scholars Program LSA
LING Linguistics LSA
LIT LSA Information Technology LSA
LMIS LSA Management Information Systems LSA
LNGS LAN/NOS Groupware Services ITS
LRC Language Resource Center LSA
LSA College of LSA
LSATS LSA Technology Services LSA
LSI Life Sciences Institute
LSVSP Life Sciences Values and Society Program LSA
M End User Computing
MAA Museum of Anthropological Archaeology LSA
MACC Michigan Academic Computing Center ITS
MACRO Macromolecular Science and Engineering Center ENGIN
MARI Mary A. Rackham Institute
MATH Mathematics LSA
MBG Matthaei Botanical Gardens and Nichols Arboretum LSA
MBGNA Matthaei Botanical Gardens and Nichols Arboretum LSA
MC2 Electron Microbe Analysis Laboratory
MCDB Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology LSA
MCDO Medical Center Development and Alumni Relations
MCOMM MCommunity
MCS Michigan Community Scholars LSA
MDS Michigan Dining at the University of Michigan
ME Mechanical Engineering ENGIN
MED Health Systems
MEND Metabolism, Endocrinology & Diabetes Department
MES Middle East Studies LSA
MIBL Michigan Ion Beam Laboratory ENGIN
MICDE Michigan Institute for Computational Discovery and Engineering
MICHR Michigan Institute for Clinical and Health Research
MIDAS Michigan Institute for Data Science
MLA Michigan Language Assessments
MMB Michigan Marching Band
MMG Molecular Medicine and Genetics
MMPEI Michigan Memorial Phoenix Energy Institute
MOA Museum of Art
MOS Managed OS ITS
MP M-Pathways Training BF
MPC Michigan Proteome Consortium
MPM Michigan Public Media
MQR Michigan Quarterly Review LSA
MROQC Michigan Radiation Oncolgoy
MS Mainstream Storage
MSA Medical School Administration
MSE Materials Science and Engineering ENGIN
MSIS Medical School Information Services
MTC Mobility Transformation Center
MTD School of Music, Theater, and Dance
MTNSS MLB-Thayer-North Quad Shared Services LSA
MU Media Union ENGIN
MULAB Media Union Labs ENGIN
MUSART Museum of Art
MWS MiWorkspace
NAME Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering ENGIN
NCIBRD National Center for Bioremediation Research and Development ENGIN
NCID Center for Institutional Diversity LSA
NCRC North Campus Research Complex
NCRCFO North Campus Research Complex Facilities & Operations
NERS Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences ENGIN
NES Near East Studies LSA
NQ North Quad Public Computing Services
NS News Service
NSCI Neuroscience Graduate Program
NUR School of Nursing
NURSE School of Nursing
NURSE2 School of Nursing
OBP Office of Budget & Planning PVST
OCS Office of Campus Sustainability
OEM Office of Enrollment Management EUC
OFA Office of Financial Aid
OGC Office of the Vice President and General Counsel
OHRCR Office of Human Research Compliance Review
OIE Office of Institutional Equity
ONSP Office of New Student Programs
OPHP Office of Public Health Practice SPH
OPP Anesthesiology Research Opp Lab
ORG Org Studies LSA
ORSP Office of Research and Sponsored Projects
OS Occupational Safety and Environmental Health BF
OSEW LSA Office Services East and West LSA
OTT Office of Tech Transfer
OVPDEV Office of Vice President for Development
OVPDIT Office of Vice President for Development - IT
OVPR Office of the Vice President for Research
OVS Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences
OWA Outlook Web Access
PB Planet Blue
PBO Procurement and Business Office LSA
PC Palmer Commons
PE Architecture, Engineering and Construction BF
PEDS Pediatrics MSIS
PHAR College of Pharmacy
PHIL Philosophy LSA
PHOTO Michigan Photography
PHR Department of Pharmacology
PHYS Physics LSA
PIER Pierpont Commons ENGIN
PIM Program in Manufacturing ENGIN
PITE Program in the Environment
PKI Public Key Infrastructure ITS
PML Phoenix Memorial Laboratory ENGIN
PO Plant Operations BF
POLI Political Science LSA
POV Poverty Solutions
PSC Population Studies ISR
PSYC Psychology LSA
PSYCH Psychology LSA
PT Parking and Transportation BF
PU Purchasing BF
PUB Student Publications
PVST Office of the Provost
QMSS Quantitative Methods in the Social Sciences LSA
RACK Rackham
RC Residential College LSA
REC Department of Recreational Sports
REP Reptile Science (test environment)
RLL Romance Languages LSA
RM Risk Management BF
RO Office of the Registrar
ROSS Ross School of Business
ROTC Reserve Officer Training Corps
RPA Robotic Process Automation SSC
RSUG Research Systems ITS
S Campus Computing Sites
SAA Student Academic Affairs LSA
SAC Screen Arts and Cultures LSA
SACUA Senate Advisory Committee on University Affairs
SD School of Dentistry
SEAGRANT Michigan Sea Grant ENGIN
SEAS School for Environment and Sustainability
SI School of Information
SII Study for Instructional Improvement/?Education
SITES Campus Computing Sites ITS
SL Student Life
SLAV Slavic Languages and Literature LSA
SLC Science Learning Center LSA
SMTD School of Music, Theater and Dance
SN School of Nursing
SNITS School of Nursing
SNRE School of Natural Resources and Environment
SOC Sociology LSA
SOE School of Education
SP SharePoint Service
SPH School of Public Health
SPRL Space Physics Research Laboratory ENGIN
SQL SQL Services
SRB Space Research Building ENGIN
SSC Shared Services Center BF
SSSBO LSA South State Street Business Office LSA
SSW School of Social Work
ST M-Stores BF
STAMPS Stamps School of Art & Design
STAT Statistics LSA
STORAGE Storage services & (Engin) storage.adsroot.itcs.umich.edu ITS
SVC Windows Services
SWC Sweetland Center for Writing LSA
SWD Software Distrubution ITS
TCAUP Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning
TF Office of Vice President for Development - Telefund DEV
TFUND Office of Vice President for Development - Telefund DEV
TI Treasury and Investments BF
TIME Time Services
TMD The Michigan Daily
TMI Tauber Manufacturing Institute ENGIN
TRI University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute
TROT Trotter House
TSM TSM Service
UA Undergraduate Admissions
UCUCA University Committee on Use and Care of Animals
UH University Hospital
UHCAFE University Hospital Cafeteria
UHCC University Hospital Cancer Center
UHD MiWorkspace
UHR University Human Resources BF
UHS University Health Service
ULAM Unit for Laboratory Animal Medicine MSIS
ULIB University Library
UM University of Michigan
UM3D University of Michigan 3D Lab/?UM Media Union
UMACC University of Michigan Autism and Communication Disorders Center
UMBS Biological Station LSA
UMCE University of Michigan Computing Environment ITS
UMCS U-M Computer Showcase ITS
UMD UM-Dearborn
UMDSI Digital Studies Institute LSA
UMEI UM Energy Institute
UMHOST U of M Hosting
UMHS University of Michigan Health System
UMICH University of Michigan
UMMA Museum of Anthropology LSA
UMMNH University of Michigan Museum of Natural History LSA
UMMP Museum of Paleontology LSA
UMMS University of Michigan Medical School
UMMU University of Michigan Media Union ENGIN
UMMZ Museum of Zoology LSA
UMOR University of Michigan Office of Research
UMP University Press
UMS University Musical Society
UMSN University of Michigan School of Nursing
UMTRI Transportation Research Institute
UREC University Record
UROP Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program LSA
US User Services ITS
USB Undergraduate Science Building LSA
UUIS Division of Student Affairs - Technology Services
UUMMU University of Michigan Media Union ENGIN
VDI Virtual Desktop Infrastructure ITS
VS Virtual Servers Infrastructure ITS
VSI ITS Virtualization Support Team ITS
WAL Wallace House
WCBN WCBN Student Radio
WES Windows Enterprise Services
WHSS West Hall Shared Services LSA
WILS Wilson Project Center ENGIN
WIN Windows Infrastructure
WINDOWS ITS Windows Infrastructure ITS
WISE Women In Science and Engineering LSA
YB Yottabyte Research Cloud Service