Getting Started

Access to the SCS is included in the university's standard computing services that is provided to all registered students, regular faculty, and regular staff.

You must use SSH (secure shell) to connect to the SCS, and you must use SCP (secure copy) or SFTP (secure FTP) to copy files to and from the server.

Problems Connecting The Stats Servers

If you are trying to log onto the stat servers for the first time and are unable to, the most likely cause is that you don't (yet) have an AFS account. AFS accounts are free with the standard computing services package, but they are not set up automatically. See Setting Up Your AFS Access for how to diagnose and report problems.

For all other access problems, see the overall access troubleshoting page.

New Server Pool In Production, Old Pool Decomissioned

We have converted our service to a new hardware pool that gives us faster performance and allow larger memory footprints. The new pool is available as or any of the previous aliases.

Connecting to the general pool name will log you into one of the machines in the SCS pool. Depending on the program you're running and whether you're writing to the local disk, you may need to log into the same machine multiple times. To determine which machine you've logged into, type hostname at the command prompt.

To connect to a specific machine, point your SSH client at the hostname for that machine. For example, connecting to takes you directly to that particular host in the pool.