Statistics & Computation Service

The ITS Statistics and Computation Service (SCS) offers a set of Linux-based servers to regular students, faculty, and staff of the University of Michigan to run computationally intensive or long-running programs. These vary from using mathematical and statistical programs to compiling and running custom programs.

The ITS Statistical Computation Service (SCS) is retiring on January 31, 2021. 

The ITS Login Service is recommended for those who only require access to data in AFS (Andrew file system) or an SSH (secure shell) gateway to campus systems. Advanced Research Computing - Technology Services (ARC-TS) High-Performance Computing (HPC) services are recommended for users who need to run compute intensive applications.

ITS Login Service

All SCS users have access to the ITS Login Service. This service is suitable for those who only require access to AFS or as an SSH (secure shell) gateway to campus without VPN. It is not suitable for those with computation needs. Contact the ITS Service Center with ITS Login Service questions.

ARC-TS HPC Services: Great Lakes and Armis2

ARC-TS, a division of ITS, provides scientific computing services for campus. There are currently two primary high-performance computing clusters: Great Lakes works for most use cases, and Armis2 is best for sensitive data including PHI/HIPAA. Contact ARC-TS Help Desk with questions about the HPC clusters.

Benefits of using ARC-TS services:

  • Large Software Library with over 100 titles, and Software Support Team to update and install as requested
  • Support for Jupyter, RStudio, and Graphical Applications
  • Support for massive data volumes including 2PByte Scratch and support for external storage including MiStorage and Turbo Research Storage
  • GPUs
  • Up to 1.5TB of memory