M-Inform Upgrade

The M-Inform 6.0 upgrade on July 1, 2020 brings a number of new look and feel changes, enhancements, and navigation improvements. A streamlined experience makes it easier for users to complete their tasks.

New landing pages for home workspaces:

  • An interactive Action Center provides an at-a-glance view of all tasks awaiting your action by role, status, and next steps.
  • Take me there! buttons jump directly to the page where the action needs to be taken.
  • The I want to section provides links for quick access to common tasks.
  • The I need help section replaces “Shortcuts” and provides links to informational resources and instructions.
  • My Dashboards include Action Center tasks related just to the specific role you’re in, e.g., Discloser, Department Administrator, Reviewer.

Navigation improvements:

  • The Disclosure Certification and Disclosure Questions forms have been updated, consolidated, and streamlined.
  • The Disclosure Details page conditionally displays the ability to add outside activities, interests, and relationships based on the selected answers.
  • A new required question was added regarding foreign entities.
  • Left side page navigation replaces the “Jump To” list. 
  • Exit, Save, Continue, and Finish buttons scroll the length of the page.
  • Validate replaces “Hide/Show Errors” and shows any questions that are incomplete
  • A new Attestation page allows for automatic submission if desired.
  • The Status map indicates the progress of the disclosure and who has the current action.

A detailed explanation of these enhancements with screenshots is available on the M-Inform Upgrade Overview of Changes.