ITS Projects

The project list contains the current work in progress. For more information about the projects, contact the project manager.

Updated 9/21/2023

Admissions Application Data Purge

Executive Sponsor(s): Cathy Handyside
Project manager: Rachel Sullivan
Status: On Track
This project will develop processes to purge admissions data based on University policies. Background: Many admissions processes run slowly because the tables contain millions of rows. Retaining old admissions data carries institutional risk. Objectives: Determine the data we must retain for business purposes. Minimize the risk of having data that people can access that they shouldn't access.... Read more

Enterprise Data Catalog Pilot

Executive Sponsor(s): Martin Sager
Project manager: Eric Brannon
Status: On Track
The purpose of this project is to implement an enterprise data catalog at U-M.

Planning: AFS Retirement Phase 1

Executive Sponsor(s): Martin Sager
Project manager: Greg Stathes
Status: On Track
ITS is in the process of buying one last round of enterprise storage that should last 5-6 years. At the end of that time, we will not want to purchase that storage again. AFS uses enterprise storage, so this project will plan how we will retire AFS and move existing users to new services over the next 5-6 years. Phase 1 is focused on unsponsored Alumni and Retirees.