ITS Projects

The project list contains the current work in progress. For more information about the projects, contact the project manager.

Updated 10/23/2018

RAS: XProd - Data Normalization (CPIP)

This project is across all eRAS Click Products. This effort will standardize common data tables and population of these tables. Scope includes: Key matching (OIDS), Person Table, Org/Dept Table, Sponsor Table and Dept Group. This will correct some inconsistencies, and provide the foundation for better integrated reporting, and other integrations in general to support Award Management and future projects like MIDAR. The technology to complete these integrations is Click Portal Integration Platform (CPIP).

Target end date: 1/17/2019
Project manager: Locey,Mary
Executive Director: Behm,Jim

Research Storage Expansion (Locker and DataDen)

Locker is a cost optimized, high-capacity, large file storage service for research data. Locker provides high performance for large files, and allows investigators across U-M to connect their data to computing resources necessary for their research, including U-M’s HPC clusters.Locker can only be used for research data. It is tuned for large files (1MB or greater) but is capable of handling small files such as documents, spreadsheets, etc. Locker can be used in combination with the Globus data management sharing system for hosting and sharing data with external collaborators and institutes.Replication, snapshots and sensitive data will be supported. General availability is scheduled for early 2018.

Target end date: 1/30/2019
Project manager: Palen,Brock Edward
Executive Director: Palen,Brock Edward

RunMyJobs Implementation

Objective: Implement a Unicenter replacement using the strategy identified as part of the planning project.

To Implement the RunMyJobs scheduling tool and setup all jobs necessary for the support of the in scope EAS systems on RunMyJobs with the intent to retire Unicenter once all identified systems have been successfully running on the new tool. The in scope EAS systems include: ID Card (M-Card), M-Reports, System Security, Cache Scripts, Maintenance Scripts, Portal Sync, Imaging, Data Warehouse, and M-Pathways CS, HCM & FIN systems.

Target end date: 12/10/2018
Project manager: Burch,Jennifer
Executive Director: Behm,Jim

SA - OEM Slate Data Integration Project

The Office of Enrollment Management (OEM) purchased Slate. OEM is managing the overall implementation. The Data Integration subproject is being managed by ITS. Its goal is to assure effective integrations between Slate and the enterprise systems which are required by the project and by other units.

Target end date: 8/23/2019
Project manager: Tuttle,Ann
Executive Director: Behm,Jim

SA 1098T Changes for Tax Year 2018

IRS mandate to change reporting method from Amounts Billed to Payments Received. The Peoplesoft delivered solution has significant gaps for handling Payment Plan payments and specific transaction exclusions.

Target end date: 2/14/2019
Project manager: Robison,Amie
Executive Director: Behm,Jim

SA External Transfer Credit Articulation

External transfer credit rules are currently decentralized, with the majority of rules stored in a database used by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions (OUA). External transfer credit is evaluated and added to a student's record using time-consuming manual processes. External education is often entered in bulk to speed the process. As a result of these practices, it is difficult to trace rationale and decisions. Oracle's Campus Solutions includes functionality to store external transfer credit articulation rules and automate the articulation process. This will eliminate the need for the supplemental systems, enable departments to streamline processes, improve consistency and transparency, and ultimately improve the student experience related to transfer credits.

Target end date: 8/30/2019
Project manager: Robison,Amie
Executive Director: Behm,Jim

SA Long Term University Loans-Replace Perkins Loan

The Office of Financial Aid is looking to replace the Federal Perkins Loan program which has been discontinued. Requires TILA disclosures, Promissory Note production, e-signatures, checklisting and Scholarship Funds Matching enhancements in M-Pathways-Student Administration.

Target end date: 12/21/2018
Project manager: Robson,Brian
Executive Director: Behm,Jim

SA Tuition Projections

The Office of Budget and Planning (OBP) needs to create tuition projections in an accurate and timely way, modeling various scenarios to support decision making by the President, Provost and university leadership. The current process is accurate, but OBP would like to automate much of the manual process to reduce time and human error, and increase the number of end-to-end iterations within the allotted time frame.

Target end date: 9/30/2019
Project manager: Robison,Amie
Executive Director: Behm,Jim

Splunk Security Log Collection for Units

Expand Splunk log collection and analysis to units in order to enhance overarching U-M threat intelligence and IT security, and support the IT Standard: Security Log Collection, Analysis, and Retention, IA needs to collect and analyze security logs from units.

Target end date: 4/1/2019
Project manager: Palmby,Brian
Executive Director: Bermann,Sol

Targeted Email Replacement: Identify Solution

The targeted email replacement initiative will have two phases. The first phase will be to identify a solution. The second phase will be to implement the recommended solution. This project will focus on the first phase. We will build on the Targeted Email A3 already completed to identify a solution for the targeted email function. We will conduct an RFI to solicit external expertise regarding how to solve the problem, study the proposed solutions, and recommend the best option for U-M.

If our recommendation is approved, a second project will be created to implement the solution.

Target end date: 3/1/2019
Project manager: Stathes,Gregory
Executive Director: Jones II,Robert Douglas