ITS Projects

The project list contains the current work in progress. For more information about the projects, contact the project manager.

Updated 6/1/2023

Telephone Upgrade

Executive Sponsor(s): Andrew Palms
Project manager: Eric Brannon
Status: On Track
ITS will upgrade the U-M's telephone network and systems. As the current telephone system on the UM-Ann Arbor campus was installed in 1984, it is no longer supported by the vendor and at increasing risk of failure. Failure to our current telephone system could mean losing the platform that supports all campus business, call centers, and emergency calling.

Transition Mcard application service to ITS

Executive Sponsor(s): Cathy Handyside
Project manager: Lil Mazza
Status: On Track
The Mcard program had been administered by the Treasurer’s Office at U-M for many years. In May 2022, the developer, and the application support of the program, was transferred to ITS Enterprise Application Services. We plan to use the same ITS operating protocols for system support that are in place with our other enterprise applications.

U-M Social Media Management Tool

Executive Sponsor(s): Cathy Handyside
Project manager: Jeff Castle
Status: On Track
To acquire and implement a scalable, enterprise social media management tool that supports U-M’s highly decentralized units whose users will span a broad array of skill sets and require various levels of training and support from the vendor. The social media management tool will help orchestrate, coordinate, and standardize social media engagement and reporting practices within university... Read more

Wolverine Access Gateway OC2 Upgrade

Executive Sponsor(s): Diane Jones
Project manager: Greg Stathes
Status: On Track
This project will upgrade the current version of Wolverine Access Gateway ( The vendor is ending support for the current version (OC1). Digital UX is working on user testing, content transition, and technical updates in coordination with the vendor. Engagement with ITS Communications will ensure proper change management and campus communications.