ITS Projects

The project list contains the current work in progress. For more information about the projects, contact the project manager.

Updated 2/24/2020

Admissions Data Purge

Executive Sponsor(s): Behm,Jim
Project manager: Davis-Craig,Mark A
Retaining old admissions data carries institutional risk. This was noted in a recent audit of Undergrad Admissions. Many admissions processes run slowly because the tables contain millions of rows. This project will define a regular process for purging admissions data periodically. It will then set that regular process into motion. We will consult with the Office of General Counsel before project... Read more

ARC-TS Resource Management Portal

Executive Sponsor(s): Palen,Brock Edward
Project manager: Castle,Jeffrey J
Creation of a self service portal for research managers, unit support staff, and delegates to manage their IT Infrastructure Resources. The portal will provide research project teams with the direct ability to easily and quickly control allocations, accounts and access associated with their resources as well as some basic dashboard features showing resource utilization and associated charges.... Read more

Automate Non-Prod Peoplesoft Environment Builds

Executive Sponsor(s): Behm,Jim
Project manager: Skelding,Brian
The goal of this project is to fully automate activities required to stand up and refresh non-prod Peoplesoft environments. A successfully deployed solution should (ideally) eliminate manual effort required by UAA, DBA's, and CPU resources. This will be scalable across all Peoplesoft teams providing additional benefit. Additionally, this will allow data to be refreshed regularly. Doing so... Read more

Box User Account Deprovisioning

Executive Sponsor(s): Palms,Andrew T
Project manager: King,Earnest
The goal of this project is to deprovision Box user accounts that belong to individuals no longer affiliated with U-M. In addition, this project may include the migration and deprovision of Box user accounts owned by individuals that are still affiliated with U-M, but are using the service in a way it was not designed to support, if viable migration alternatives are identified.

Click Upgrade to Version 9

Executive Sponsor(s): Behm,Jim
Project manager: Locey,Mary
All four eResearch Systems (PM, CM, AM, RM) must be upgraded to Huron/Click Framework Version 9. The products will be updated one at a time over the course of a one year period.

Computer Showcase Point of Sale & ECommerce

Executive Sponsor(s): Jones II,Robert Douglas
Project manager: Wong,Rich
This project will replace RMS and associated systems with a new system based on the open source Magento platform and will replicate much of what was provided in RMS, an eCommerce web site, and streamlined integrations and automation. This project will have two parts: 1.) Implement a new point-of-sale (POS) solution. We have a legacy POS system that is no longer supported by the vendor and a new... Read more

Convert CollegeNet app load to modern method (CTM)

Executive Sponsor(s): Behm,Jim
Project manager: Davis-Craig,Mark A
All Rackham and many other grad schools' application loads use 20-year-old technology which Oracle may stop supporting at any time. Making changes to the current format is worrisome for business analysts. The load needs to be converted to the process that Oracle created years ago to replace it.

Core Network Upgrade

Executive Sponsor(s): Palms,Andrew T
Project manager: Marker,Paul
Project to upgrade the Core Network Nodes on the Ann Arbor Campus. The core network is composed of a set of devices and communication media that connect all campus buildings together and that connect to the Internet Service which provides the main connection to the outside world.

Cosign Retirement

Executive Sponsor(s): Bermann,Sol
Project manager: Kwiatkowski,Mallory Jane
Cosign has been the University's secure single sign-on web authentication system for more than 15 years. Originally designed at U-M, the open source software was once widely used across higher education. Now, only a handful of universities still use Cosign, and the open source community that once maintained and developed it has dwindled. As universities look to the cloud for software, hardware,... Read more

Digital Asset Management

Executive Sponsor(s): Behm,Jim
Project manager: King,Earnest
A project that will implement a digital asset management tool with the ability to archive and manage pictures, videos and other digital assets that are used more and more in our increasingly online world. This covers wide ranging U-M groups and needs from streaming online academic course materials to several applications in the Library, to pictures and videos used for communication and marketing... Read more