ITS Projects

The project list contains the current work in progress. For more information about the projects, contact the project manager.

Updated 12/18/2018

Active Directory Upgrade to Windows Server 2016

The Windows Server Active Directory 2012 is coming to end of life and hardware needs to be replaced.

Target end date: 8/30/2019
Project manager: Marker,Paul
Executive Director: Palms,Andrew T

Bomgar Infrastructure Changes

Bomgar is a service that is used by ITS support staff, MiWorkspace Engineering, ITS Digital Signage, and select MiWorkspace unit staff to provide support for end user machines, digital signs and jump clients through shadow and remote control capabilities. Additionally it is used for customer facing chat by ITS support staff.

There are three issues that need addressing related to Bomgar infrastructure:

1 - Bomgar is currently running on virtual infrastructure that is end-of-life.
Virtual machines running in VMware cluster (MACC)

2 - Bomgar is integrated into ServiceNow, and that integration was implemented with custom code. Bomgar now has a supported solution for ServiceNow integration that project will implement.

3 - A RECON of Bomgar revealed that additional system and account logging is needed which would require additional integration with Splunk.

Target end date: 4/30/2019
Project manager: Castle,Jeffrey J
Executive Director: Jones II,Robert Douglas

Campus Microsoft 365 Implementation

Campus units at U-M Ann Arbor, UM-Dearborn, and UM-Flint want to take advantage of services, applications, and tools included in Microsoft’s Software as a Service (SaaS) offering known as Microsoft 365. The current state of Microsoft 365 is an environment that was set up to solely support the release of Office 365 to campus.

For units to take advantage of Microsoft 365 (which is much more than Office 365), Information and Technology Services (ITS) needs to work with units to develop and implement support, configuration, and release strategies for a managed Microsoft 365 service.

Target end date: 10/31/2019
Project manager: Castle,Jeffrey J
Executive Director: Palms,Andrew T

Campuswide WiFi Upgrade

The purpose of this project is to replace and/or enhance the Ann Arbor campus (excluding the Medical Campus) WiFi network so that there is a consistent, reliable, robust, and higher capacity WiFi network in university buildings. The project will upgrade a minimum of 15 million square feet of academic, student housing, and administrative buildings.

Target end date: 12/17/2018
Project manager: Williamson,Leslie
Executive Director: Palms,Andrew T

CITP: Program Office

The Cloud Infrastructure Transformation Program (CITP) unites ITS in learning, migrating to, and leveraging cloud technologies to deliver modern and resilient services, when it makes technological and financial sense. The Cloud program will align the goals and projects associated with the cloud strategy under a single umbrella:

Deploy core infrastructure services in the cloud; reduce the dependency of cloud services to on-premise systems and infrastructure
Operationalize the Virtual Data Center (vDC) and provide enhancements to dynamically scale services, and enhanced monitoring capabilities
Complete an ITS-wide application inventory and use that basis to create a decision framework and proposed migration order via the Cloud Decision Framework & Application Roadmap Project (CFAR)
Stand up an environment necessary to test the suitability of running U-M’s PeopleSoft environment in the cloud
Provide training to staff on cloud fundamentals, automation and orchestration
Provide context and a consistent narrative to staff about the various ongoing cloud related initiatives within ITS

Target end date: 6/28/2019
Project manager: Meister,Michael
Executive Director: Palms,Andrew T

CITP: Virtual Data Center

Design and build a “Virtual Data Center” containing a set of core technical capabilities inside AWS. These capabilities are seen as prerequisites for migrating ITS systems and services to AWS and will be available to systems and services that operate within this Virtual Data Center.

Target end date: 7/1/2019
Project manager: Meister,Michael
Executive Director: Palms,Andrew T

Computer Showcase Point of Sale & ECommerce

This project will replace RMS and associated systems with a new system based on the open source Magento platform and will replicate much of what was provided in RMS, an eCommerce web site, and streamlined integrations and automation. This project will have two parts:
1.) Implement a new point-of-sale (POS) solution. We have a legacy POS system that is no longer supported by the vendor and a new solution enables automation and a better general experience while eliminating the risk due to the lack of support, upgrades and patches.
2.) Implement a new eCommerce solution. This allows the Showcase to stand up a modern digital storefront to better support its customers.

Target end date: 3/14/2019
Project manager: King,Earnest
Executive Director: Jones II,Robert Douglas

Cosign Retirement Phase 1

Cosign has been the university's secure single sign-on web authentication system for more than 15 years. Originally designed at U-M, the open source software was once widely used across higher education. Now, only a handful of universities still use Cosign, and the open source community that once maintained and developed it has dwindled. As universities look to the cloud for software, hardware, and storage, they increasingly need to integrate across vendor, cloud, and on-premise systems and use authentication that relies on federated identity management.The Cosign Retirement Project will focus on: - Retirement of Cosign; - Removal of Cosign dependency from the IAM web directory applications - Reverse the Cosign/Shibboleth relationship- Conversion of Cosign protected applications to SAML, OIDC, or other protocols- Support units by creating processes, conducting workshops, and providing resources to help them convert from Cosign;- Enhance the overall Shibboleth onboarding and management experience It is important to note the Cosign Retirement Project will not move Shibboleth to the Cloud. The move will take place in a separate effort. However, the Shibboleth move to Cloud is dependent upon the completion of the Cosign / Shibboleth relationship reversal workstream.

Target end date: 12/24/2020
Project manager: Brannon,Eric
Executive Director: Bermann,Sol

DART ESB - Integration Layer Project

This project aims to create a, sustainable, expandable, reusable data exchange hub to allow DART system of record data to be seamlessly exchanged with other systems to meet the fundraising needs of the University.

Target end date: 3/29/2019
Project manager: Jacobson,Kimberly
Executive Director: Behm,Jim

Document Imaging System Upgrade

The Document Imaging system is a common good service that provides support to core business process functions of the university. Areas supported include recruiting and admissions, faculty-staff human resource management, financial management, records for donor gifts and miscellaneous document storage for units across campus. The system provides centralized access to over 32 million scanned images of documents, many of which are key in the processing and support of daily transactions for the operation of the university. Currently, Perceptive Content software is in decline and there is an urgent need to address the issues surrounding this system that provides vital document images for university business processes.

The scope of this project will include upgrading the Perceptive Content software to the latest revision and on their mainstream supported platform to address existing disruptions in service and limited browser support.

The primary technical objectives are:
-Migration of underlying infrastructure from Linux/Oracle to Windows/SQL Server
-Upgrade Perceptive Content version (PC client and WebNow) to Perceptive Content version 7.2.3 and Perceptive Experience 2.4.

Target end date: 6/26/2019
Project manager: Jacobson,Kimberly
Executive Director: Behm,Jim